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Beware of the Ides of March!

Beware of the Ides of March! Anyone who has read Julius Caesar is very familiar with the Ides of March and the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. So it has become common to warn others of the Ides of March (those who back stabbed Julius). So here is your friendly warning.

I have a busy day filled with getting my INR checked because that is important, I mean we need to make sure it’s within range, when I was in the ER I was at 2.0. Then I am getting my knee re-checked by the orthopedic doctor. I am hoping he will agree we need to just keep with the physical therapy, my knee is better. I need some more time. I need to keep working with the physical therapist to keep strengthening the knee.

There is a time for surgery and a time for physical therapy and I really feel like we have made real progress with the physical therapy and so I want to keep going. I want to give it some more time and see if we can get it back to where it needs to be or close to it. The bad part about today is NO COFFEE. I had to think twice this morning because making coffee is part of the routine and I went to make it and then NOPE! I couldn’t make it. I am going to enjoy my coffee on Thursday I am going to sip it slowly and remember how warm and comforting my coffee is, and how much I appreciate being able to drink coffee!

I did not miss having to go through all this cardiac testing..I did not miss it ONE BIT!! UGH! I do not want to think about the next step because I remember the next step, I remember how I have to lay still. I don’t like to be still like EVER! It will be okay because at least this go round I KNOW what I am in for, the first time I was scared because I did not know what they would be doing, this time I do. I know what the tests are like, what they feel like, what to expect and what we are going to find. There is great comfort in knowing I am going to FAIL these tests! I know it sounds odd that I know I am going to fail these tests and I am so calm about failing them, but I’ve failed them every other time. So why study?

Where’s the reset button?

I think internal clocks should have a snooze button! I mean you should be able to tap your butt and get an extra five minutes of sleep…or something right? I mean it works on regular clocks! So this morning my beautiful internal clock woke me up at 5 freakin’ thirty! I was like I think you missed the memo where we SPRUNG forward so in no universe does this even MAKE SENSE!! I should not be awoken THIS EARLY! This is too early for even the SUN to be up! I mean at least let the bird be THINKING of being awake before me. Nope everything was asleep, the sun, the birds it was DARK. The only thing that was awake was me and my funky breathing, I wear a mask for the sleep apnea and the mask was making a funny noise so I flipped over and adjusted it because if I was going to be awake I was NOT going to be annoyed by some cross between a whistle and a popping noise. So I flipped over tugged at my mask a bit cursed under my breath at my internal clock a BUNCH, and tried to go back to sleep.

I think my internal clock thinks this is a game because then at 6 freakin’ thirty it woke me up AGAIN, THIS time it was because my arm was asleep. So I re-positioned myself, cursed my internal clock some more because at this point I am highly annoyed that I have been awoke twice before my normal 7am and tried to go back to sleep. So then I woke up a third and final time around 7:30am which was much more acceptable to my terms and conditions as found on page 10 paragraph 3 line 4.

So I got up made some coffee which I won’t be allowed to drink for the next 2 days because I’m having cardiac testing on Wednesday and they don’t let you have caffeine 24 hours before the test! I would rant and rave about the injustness of this and have they seen me without caffeine but the answer is yes multiple times so I might as well save my breath! So I’ll do that test and then I’ll have a similar test done so I’ll have to go through this all again soon enough. Which I’m like eh whatever! It’s all good really! I need to get the answers on the crazy heartbeats so we can figure out the best treatment plan. I can survive without coffee I just choose NOT to!

Happy Pi Day!! I did not forget, I am excited! I always love Pi Day and today is Rounded Pi Day and if you don’t know what that means you are not a math nerd, but we love you anyways. Today is 3/14/16 and if you round Pi you get 3.1416 so its Rounded Pi Day. So enjoy a slice of pie in honor of Pi day!

The Pain Sleep Cycle

*Circle of Life Song ques* NOOOO not that! I said Pain/Sleep Cycle guys not the Circle of life!!! *Record scratches, Pumba farts-he is a warthog afterall* Yo, Pumba take Simba and get out of here! Leave the door open too, you STINK!!

Okay now that we got the place aired out a bit! Last night I was exhausted, the good exhausted from spending time with family and the kids, but exhausted none the less. The issue when you have chronic pain is that often when you get exhausted the more you WANT to sleep the more your body said NO WAY JOSE! So I tossed and turned a lot of the night, my heart rate was running high a lot of the day (in the 140 range). My oxygen levels were decent from what I could tell. I have a feeling the cardiologist may suggest doing a halter monitor for me to get a better idea what my heart rate and oxygen levels are on a consistent basis since I’m only spot checking, and when I’m sitting I’m in a normal range, when I’m standing they are much higher for the heart rate and the oxygen levels while still normal tend to be on the lower end of normal.

So this morning at 5:30am I woke up in pain, but I didn’t want to get up. Then at 6:45am I had the all too familiar electric shock feeling on the bottom of my one foot. So I caved. I got up, I took a shower and now I’m ready for bed again. The simplest tasks are exhausting for me still. I never thought I would seriously debate do I have the energy for a shower today? Now that is a question that I frequently will ask myself. Do I really want to shower? Do I have the energy to shower? What else is on the agenda for today? I actually try to shower on days where I have nothing on the agenda because it takes so much energy.

So I took my shower combed my hair, got dressed and then thought maybe I should change back in my PJs and just climb back into bed! That sounds like a much better idea today! But the coffee was made so I decided to drink my coffee and see if I felt better after my morning cup. I may still decide to ditch real clothes and go back to bed! I am supposed to go to a meeting this morning but I’m not sure I can muster the energy. I really feel like I haven’t slept however my Sleep Apnea machine told me that I got decent sleep so that’s good news. That’s another piece of my personal puzzle often I will sleep rough because of the pain and then the sleep apnea will cause me to sleep even worse.

I changed the format of the blog a bit to try and make it easier for people to find old posts. I realized that if you are trying to find posts on specific topics it might be nice to search by keywords. Hope that helps! It was also interesting to see what I write the most about, which is more which tags I use the most. Some tags I think I needs to use more! Put it all in prospective for me!

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your cup of joe! Compliment someone today! Attitude of Gratitude goes a long way!

Oh why won’t you NAP already??

So before I was whisked away by ambulance and told I should be dead, I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Well apparently I did have pneumonia and I guess with the changing of the seasons, the up and down temperatures the pneumonia doesn’t want to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Today I have been battling a very mucusy cough which is gross, but I have to watch it carefully because a mucusy cough with blood in it can be a sign of a pulmonary embolism and since we already know I have one, we want to make sure that I don’t get another, or it decides to move or anything else. So all day I have had this awful cough and have felt like death.

So this afternoon I laid down to take a nap, but as soon as I lay down I am WIDE awake. WHY??? I mean really? Come on people! I just want to sleep even 20 minutes, just a short nap and I would be happy. I don’t have to sleep a long time. I think that is the most frustrating feeling when you know you are tired, you feel tired and as soon as you lay down all the sudden you are wide awake as if laying your body down on the bed was the equivalent of drinking 10 cups of coffee or 1 Dr. Pepper 10….(that’s a story for another blog)

So I laid on the bed with my eyes closed I tried counting sheep, even the sheep are laughing at me. 1..2..stop laughing!..3..4..come on…5..6..oh forget this! So I open my eyes and I think what else can I do….so I start focusing on my breathing and then I decide my breathing sounds annoying and then I decided that I just needed to get up because whatever I tried was just not going to work.

Then I started wondering if I am the only one who can lay down and have their own sheep laugh at them when they are trying to count them? I mean could you imagine if you could see into other people’s dreams and they had sheep laughing at them too? We could start a sheep counter help group lesson 1 how to get them to stop laughing…..

Actually if the coughing would stop I would be much happier than a laughing counting sheep! hehe

A cuppa Joe?

So yesterday I ventured out to Food Lion! Yes, I went on a VERY short shopping trip with the wifey. We needed the essentials, you know milk, eggs, half and half (especially after the whole eggs incident which if you missed that blog you can read it here Would you like some coffee to go with your cream?) and COFFEE!! Yup in my word coffee goes on the essentials list. Oh yeah I needed bananas too. Bananas go on that list because of my blood pressure medicine. So anyways…we go to the grocery store, we get a cart which they got new shiny black ones. They have 2 types of shopping carts little ones for those quick trips and the big ones that say take me so you spend a couple hundred dollars. Now don’t get me wrong in the little one you can easily spend a hundred, but less space means you tend to fill it up faster which means you tend to leave faster! hahaha So we have our list of items we need so this will be a quick trip for me and my healing back.

So we get to the coffee aisle and I tell my wife I want Breakfast Blend. She informs me she was reading that the lighter roasts have more caffeine in them, and I immediately say to her “Well when I only get 2 cups a day I want them to COUNT!!” and then I smile and laugh. I am sensitive to caffeine so I have to be careful how much I have and when I have it. So my 2 cups of coffee I drink in the morning is the only caffeine I have for the day. I stopped drinking soda in January of this year and even with the soda I usually drank caffeine free varieties anyways.

There was this one time when I was still working so this was awhile ago that with my lunch at 11am I decided to drink a Dr. Pepper10. I had drank Diet Dr. Peppers with my lunch before and the caffeine was out of my system in time for me to sleep, so I didn’t think much of it…this was my MISTAKE. Dr. Pepper10 has a LOT of caffeine in it, more than Mountain Dew. So at 3am that same day I am still bouncing off the walls. Jenna who was my girlfriend at this point is ready to murder me because I am talking a mile a minute and bouncing off the walls. I had to be back at work at 7am too….It must have been true love that not only did she let me live, but we went on to be married!

I will say after that little event, we set up ground rules about caffeine and how much I was allowed. Needless to say I am no longer allowed to drink Dr. Pepper10! I cannot tell you how much I apologized after I came down from my caffeine high. I did tell Jenna that I really had no idea that Dr. Pepper10 would have such a drastically HIGHER caffeine count than the Diet Dr. Pepper, and I was just as shocked as she was that it affected me in that way. We also have a running joke about me drinking another Dr. Pepper10…hahahah

I called the surgeon’s office told the nurse about the rash, he ordered a steroid pack for my rash so hopefully that helps the itching because I really don’t want to have to resort to oven mitts on my hands!