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What is that bright yellow thing??

OH MY GOSH!! There is a bright yellow round thing in the SKY!! Yes ladies and gentlemen we have SUN!! Luckily I have transition lens otherwise I think I would be sinking into the ground from the brightness! I would be standing outside all day but a) I surely would burn in the first 5 minutes since I am pasty white and b) I can’t stand for long periods of time so I’m just out of luck! I did walk outside for a couple of minutes just to feel the warmth on my skin and soak up a little vitamin D before my body began to hurt.

Today the most pain is across my upper back. I feel like I have a really heavy backpack on. Yesterday I was experiencing chest pains again, I checked my heart rate and it was 140…it should not have been that high. So I am going to have to bring this up with my doctors again and see what they think. It could be related to my thyroid. We are confident at this point the issue isn’t stemming from my heart so we have to look at other areas in the body. I know with fibromyalgia you get the pains across the upper back so I believe that is what is causing that pain, at least I think that is…you never can tell with me. I still have a bad headache on top of everything else that is going on right now.

The doctor is going to tell me I’m falling apart again, I’ll just sweetly smile and say YES. There isn’t much else I can do at this point. I know he’s going to run a couple tests tomorrow but that’s a given at this point. I am used to it, I just wish I got a sticker at this point! I mean when you are a kid you get a sticker, why can’t you get a sticker as an adult! I should tell Mom I want ice cream! I don’t think she’ll go for it, but I should try anyways!

I am ready to crawl back into bed! Which it’s so pretty outside I also want to enjoy the day because it FINALLY stopped raining! Oh the battle of chronic pain!


Tow truck and KT Tape

I had physical therapy and I was laying on my back. I realized that having my back turned on and doing my physical therapy is NOT A GOOD IDEA! My brain gets WAY too confused! So I asked to stop and turned off my back, which is kind of funny when you think about it. Hey can you give me a minute I need to turn my butt off… I actually said back off I was trying not to raise an eyebrow. So I did that and then went back to my knee exercises. I then did my normal stem and then they said they weren’t going to tape me. So I said okay and I put my knee brace back on and then in comes doc and he asks if I want to be taped..so I tell him I thought I wasn’t being taped and he laughs and said he went out to his car to get it for me! Aww how sweet! So I got ducted taped again! (It’s actually KT tape!) So I’m good to go!

So Mom and I had a bit of a rough start…she got her car stuck in my ditch. So she tried to push it out, no such luck, she called Dad and together they tried to push it out, no such luck. They ended up calling a tow truck for the car. Now when it initially happened I started laughing because my sister Karen, may she rest in peace, did the SAME THING probably 5 years ago or so. So I laughed not at my Mom, but really more remember the situation and how it had transpired. But we were fine, the car is fine, it was an expensive start, but all is well. Dad saved the day by lending us his car and he stayed with Mom’s car until the tow truck arrived, they played rock, paper, scissors, Spock to make the decision.

I have noticed that my chest has been bothering me today from the stress test yesterday. I know this is normal. I told the pt doctor that I had the stress test, he asked about results I said I wouldn’t hear for at least a week and if I hear faster than that we’re all in trouble! I also told him I might not hear anything until after the echocardiogram and my follow up appointment which needs to be scheduled. My pt doctor asked if I ran on a treadmill and I look at him and say “In case you haven’t noticed I have crap knees! They chemically induced it. This was the 5th or 6th chemically induced stress test.” So we discussed how I am really calm during the stress tests because I’ve had so many at this point. I think I should get a punch card for them! I want a t-shirt after 10! It should say “I’ve survived 10 stress tests, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!”

Beware of the Ides of March!

Beware of the Ides of March! Anyone who has read Julius Caesar is very familiar with the Ides of March and the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. So it has become common to warn others of the Ides of March (those who back stabbed Julius). So here is your friendly warning.

I have a busy day filled with getting my INR checked because that is important, I mean we need to make sure it’s within range, when I was in the ER I was at 2.0. Then I am getting my knee re-checked by the orthopedic doctor. I am hoping he will agree we need to just keep with the physical therapy, my knee is better. I need some more time. I need to keep working with the physical therapist to keep strengthening the knee.

There is a time for surgery and a time for physical therapy and I really feel like we have made real progress with the physical therapy and so I want to keep going. I want to give it some more time and see if we can get it back to where it needs to be or close to it. The bad part about today is NO COFFEE. I had to think twice this morning because making coffee is part of the routine and I went to make it and then NOPE! I couldn’t make it. I am going to enjoy my coffee on Thursday I am going to sip it slowly and remember how warm and comforting my coffee is, and how much I appreciate being able to drink coffee!

I did not miss having to go through all this cardiac testing..I did not miss it ONE BIT!! UGH! I do not want to think about the next step because I remember the next step, I remember how I have to lay still. I don’t like to be still like EVER! It will be okay because at least this go round I KNOW what I am in for, the first time I was scared because I did not know what they would be doing, this time I do. I know what the tests are like, what they feel like, what to expect and what we are going to find. There is great comfort in knowing I am going to FAIL these tests! I know it sounds odd that I know I am going to fail these tests and I am so calm about failing them, but I’ve failed them every other time. So why study?

Laughing till I stop…breathing…

So I was in the ER last Wednesday with chest pains and the only thing I can tell you for certain is that laughing brings them on. I was at a meeting today and I got laughing so hard for a minute I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I was laughing because I was having such a good time and then the room started spinning and I started to panic and I realized I just needed to BREATHE. I started to take slow deep controlled breaths and focused on an object, and just breathed. After the room slowly came to a stop I asked Mom for some water to which she clued in that I wasn’t feeling alright. After a couple sips of water I started to feel okay again.

BREATHE!! BREATHE! You will be okay as long as you DON’T FREAKIN’ LAUGH! Please! Asking me not to laugh is like asking a child not to eat a free ice cream cone! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I was talking to my cousin, yes the favorite one, I get paid money to say that you know, on the phone and I got laughing so hard I said to him stop or you’re going to give me chest pains again! He of course not realizing that I was being totally serious made some witty remark and got me going again. So I say to him no I’m actually being serious stop for a minute. So I calm down. Tell him about the laughing and the chest pains and then we keep going.

I’m too young for all this, I want to go back to being 4 and a half WITHOUT the medical drama! I liked it better when I had time to color and play in my pretend fort! Now I don’t even get to play in my fort because I hurt to bad. The only thing with this chest pain I have figured out is that laughing aggravates it which is annoying since I LOVE to laugh, I love to make other people laugh. Laughter is normally very good medicine, but not for me, not right now!

Internal clock…I hate you!

So this was yesterday in a nutshell…I went to routine cardiologist appointment I get one way ticket to ER, I spend 9 hours in the ER before they decide I can go home, I go to bed around 1am, my body wakes up at 7am like usual……internal clock…I HATE YOU!!!!

Next month will be 6 months since I had my saddle pulmonary embolism and I need to have a repeat echocardiogram to see if my heart is back to normal size. So I had made an appointment with my cardiologist for this week before the chest pains started on Monday. So I went over everything with him. My EKG that they did in his office was normal, but the chest pains plus other symptoms he wanted to rule out another blood clot. I understood the reasoning because every time he asked me do you have this symptom it was yes, BUT…. so he said chest CT to rule out blood clot today.

So we went to the ER they took over an hour to even take me back to triage. I had another repeat EKG which was normal, they ordered the CT. They put me back out in the very full waiting room. So I finally went back after waiting for about 5 hours and they had an incoming trauma, so they had to wait for that to clear before doing the CT. So I waited some more. Which trust me when I say I totally get that waiting. I was stable and I would much rather wait for someone in a life or death situation because that was me almost 6 months ago! So we got the CT and then the doctor came back told me it was normal but now he was calling my cardiologist to find out if I needed to be admitted for more testing. Oh geez! In the notes he gave the charge nurse (and I know this because I was standing right next to him when he gave them to her) he said he just needed me cleared of a blood clot, then I was free to go. So I say okay, and we waited another hour for me to be discharged to follow up with the cardiologist. So I spent 9 hours in the ER.

Wifey laughed about only I could go in for a routine doctor’s appointment and end up with a 9 hour ER visit. At least I got a normal CT out of the deal! That should count for something….rigght? So I have more cardiac testing in my near future. I really need a punch card, I want something free! I am really happy that all my doctors are working to keep me healthy because I plan on living a LONG life. I mean I have a lot of goals to work on like farting on que. Yup I just said it! I tease the wifey ALL the time about that I am going to learn to fart on que so I can fart on her whenever I want! I haven’t quite mastered that skill yet, so I’m still working on it.


I get hurt in the DUMBEST ways possible! Seriously! When doctors meet me for the first time and say so how did this happen and I tell them I’m sure they are thinking I wonder how this really happened, but then after they get to know me they realize no she really is just that clumsy!

Im not clumsy

So yesterday was another round of physical therapy but I was having chest pains so we did everything passively, did muscle work, massage, etc and watched the heart rate like a hawk, doc even took my blood pressure which was awesome btw! He’s just as concerned as I am about the heart issues. So then he told me to brace the right knee and he taped my left knee with green and yellow tape! AWESOME! So fast forward to dinner wifey and I are about to get up after eating at a round table (yes that is important to this story) and I SMACK my right wrist on the underneath of the ROUND table to the point that I now have a red crescent shape red mark on my wrist….FANTASTIC!! I am being very careful not to curse because we are in public, but trust me when I tell you it HURT!!! So Mom and wifey shake their heads not because they thought it was funny but more like I cannot believe you just tried to break your wrist on a table from just STANDING UP! Like how would we explain that one to the ER doctors? She was just standing up from dinner, nothing more, nothing less.

I mean my track record for getting hurt doing normal stuff is pretty impressive actually goes all the way back to 3rd grade when I broke my hand in 2 places playing during recess. We were tossing a rubber ball to each other. Not hard just tossing and I broke my hand in not 1, but 2 places. When I told the first teacher, they told me to run some cold water on my hand thinking the rubber just burned it because they knew we were just tossing it to each other and they knew that I was an athletic kid, I played soccer, swam on swim team, etc. No one thought that I had actually BROKEN my hand. So yeah….I’ve dislocated both knees walking on flat surfaces, torn the ligaments in my ankle walking home, etc. Yup I pretty much can do harm just walking…Wifey says she is going to bubble wrap me, I keep waiting for a huge box to show up from Amazon with an economy sized roll of it.


I went to the ER last night and very long story short I got no where. Now let me start off that I understand that an ER doctor is to decide if you are having an acute issue, if you need to be hospitalized. I get that. I thought I was having either a reaction to my blood thinner, a blood clot or some other blood clot issue. I was having chest pains, busing and my left eye was blood shot in one small section. My blood pressure was also high. We got to the ER at 11pm, it was busy, they took me back to triage and did the vitals and an EKG. They told me the doctor said I wasn’t critical and I could sit back in the waiting room. I sat back in the waiting room with a mask because I had the lung infection last week, fine I get that. I was annoyed since I didn’t have a fever and I was on antibiotics 4 out of 5 days. At 3:30am they pulled me back to do a chest x-ray. Then I sat back in the waiting room. Around 5am I was finally pulled back to the exam rooms. I saw the RN, PA, and the Doctor. Without going into a lot of detail because of issues I had with the doctor I finally got out of the ER around 8am.

My INR was checked it is still only 1.9. Which that I’m sure has to do with the fact that I had that lung infection last week. So I will get it re-checked at the clinic on Thursday. I am just frustrated that the doctor didn’t actually check for blood clots. He didn’t look at my legs which you would think he would have especially because I was complaining about bruising on my legs. The PA looked, the doctor didn’t. I don’t know. The PA agreed that my legs were bruised and asked trauma to my legs which there has been none. At least she cared.

I am just going to take life one day at a time.

2015..I mean 2016

Happy 2016! New Year, New you all that fun stuff! Last night we went to bed at our usual time, didn’t even attempt to stay up until midnight. I have been having chest pains and my heart rate has been on the higher side of what it’s been running. The issues lies in that in case I haven’t said this…I have a saddle pulmonary embolism which means pretty much when I say my chest hurts, the response is you have a very large blood clot. So unless I have some other odd symptom everyone is pretty much telling me just watch your symptoms.

So I have been making sure I am drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, etc because I do not want to get sick on top of everything else that is going on with me health wise, so yes I went to bed around 10:30pm last night. My niece according to the video my sister shared with me was going strong running around her living room. I laughed and thought if only we could bottle up some of that energy!! I mean really! I also got a good laugh because she is zipping around shaking this ribbon streamer that she got from Grammy and Granddad for Christmas (my Mom and Dad). I have one too, but mine is a butterfly ribbon.

So wifey is off from work today and the plan is to watch movies, hang out maybe do a little housework. Tomorrow we are going to run a few small errands if I’m up to it. We also need to take down the Christmas decorations and get those put away again. We will no longer have an elf to greet us when we pee…yes that’s what I said. We got this elf toilet seat cover because it was just funny. Sometimes you buy things because it makes you laugh. This is one of those items.

So when the lid is closed you see the smiling elf, when you open it to pee…you see he covers his eyes!! Yes only in my house! (And everyone else who bought one!) My brother was not nearly as amused by my elf as I was, he already complains about the flock of rubber ducks that watch him pee..I have a collection of rubber ducks that sit on the back of the toilet. Advantage of being female we sit for our performance.

If you have been following the blog for awhile you know I have a bit of an odd sense of humor, and know that my brother shares in my odd sense of humor so the comment about the ducks is to be taken tongue in cheek. He and I are very similar personality wise and I love him to death and I love to drive him crazy because isn’t that what siblings are supposed to do?