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2015..I mean 2016

Happy 2016! New Year, New you all that fun stuff! Last night we went to bed at our usual time, didn’t even attempt to stay up until midnight. I have been having chest pains and my heart rate has been on the higher side of what it’s been running. The issues lies in that in case I haven’t said this…I have a saddle pulmonary embolism which means pretty much when I say my chest hurts, the response is you have a very large blood clot. So unless I have some other odd symptom everyone is pretty much telling me just watch your symptoms.

So I have been making sure I am drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of rest, etc because I do not want to get sick on top of everything else that is going on with me health wise, so yes I went to bed around 10:30pm last night. My niece according to the video my sister shared with me was going strong running around her living room. I laughed and thought if only we could bottle up some of that energy!! I mean really! I also got a good laugh because she is zipping around shaking this ribbon streamer that she got from Grammy and Granddad for Christmas (my Mom and Dad). I have one too, but mine is a butterfly ribbon.

So wifey is off from work today and the plan is to watch movies, hang out maybe do a little housework. Tomorrow we are going to run a few small errands if I’m up to it. We also need to take down the Christmas decorations and get those put away again. We will no longer have an elf to greet us when we pee…yes that’s what I said. We got this elf toilet seat cover because it was just funny. Sometimes you buy things because it makes you laugh. This is one of those items.

So when the lid is closed you see the smiling elf, when you open it to pee…you see he covers his eyes!! Yes only in my house! (And everyone else who bought one!) My brother was not nearly as amused by my elf as I was, he already complains about the flock of rubber ducks that watch him pee..I have a collection of rubber ducks that sit on the back of the toilet. Advantage of being female we sit for our performance.

If you have been following the blog for awhile you know I have a bit of an odd sense of humor, and know that my brother shares in my odd sense of humor so the comment about the ducks is to be taken tongue in cheek. He and I are very similar personality wise and I love him to death and I love to drive him crazy because isn’t that what siblings are supposed to do?