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Sock Monster

I have a basket of socks..single socks, they need a mate. I think I might have to sign them all up for some sort of e-harmony for socks. Do they even do that? I mean could you imagine the profiles for single socks? Hi I’m looking for my soul mate. I’m 100% cotton ankle sock. I am purple with thin black stripes are you my match?

I did make quite a few matches today and put them in the correct bin. My wife has a bin for her socks, and I have a bin for my socks. I matched socks as long as I could and then I put them aside. My wife was happy that her bin looked a lot fuller when she got home from work. During the summer she wears flip flops the majority of the time, but now that we are actually getting colder weather that requires socks, she will need her socks to be matched.

She was working on a drawing of the sock monster that lives in the dryer because we all know there is one, I saw a meme about that the sock monster takes the socks and turns them into extra tupperwear lids which might be a serious possibility….

But for now I have  my basket of socks which I will work on some more tomorrow, and know that I will get them matched up but unfortunately I will have to do it the old fashioned way of just looking for the mate. No e-harmony for socks for me. Just good ole search and rescue! 20151228_220910