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Let me sing you a song!

So talking in my sleep has been going on since I was a child. I would get embarrassed at summer camp because I would talk in my sleep and the other kids would tease me. I have always talked in my sleep, I can’t help it. If I could I would, but you get what you get with me! I have some funny stories from college years when I would talk in my sleep. I scared the crap out of one of my roommates when I whispered her name in my sleep, she wakes up asks me what I need/want, I whisper her name again she asks me again what I want, I shout her name, she shouts back and I start snoring….needless to say I was asleep the entire time.

So I am used to people complaining about my talking while slumbering. I shrug and apologize. I have had the sleep tests done and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I wear a cpap mask and use a cpap machine every night, and even with that I will still talk on occasion. Well in the last couple of weeks apparently I needed to raise the bar…I have decided that talking in my sleep is not enough. I need to start singing in my sleep. My poor wifey tells me the other morning that I was singing VERY LOUDLY to her in my sleep. Of course I laugh at her and ask if I was at least singing in tune, this does not amuse her. She said she kept gently elbowing me to get me to stop which would quiet my concert for a bit, but then I would start again much to her dismay.

Thankfully she understands that I was not doing this on purpose and she is very loving and did not try to smoother me in my sleep…of course with the cpap mask she would have had to remove it first because placing a pillow over the mask would not have done much good. So we have no idea why I have changed my normal routine of just talking in my sleep to now singing in my sleep, but I find it hilarious, my wife not so much. Of course I’m sleeping through it, she is waking up unable to sleep so I can see why this would be troublesome.

My sleep disorder doctor does believe there is something more going on and we are working on getting more testing done, but we hit a roadblock with the insurance company. So until we can get them to approve the testing he wants done the wifey is going to have to deal with my singing in my sleep. Of course since I know that I am wearing the mask I am making sure to sing loud enough that she can enjoy it, which I think is very kind! I mean if I am going to put on a personal concert at 2am I think she should be able to enjoy every second of it…don’t you agree?

CPAP Backtalk?

So over the years as technology has improved so have CPAP machines. When I first went on CPAP the machine was pretty basic, apparently the information could be uploaded but they had to attach it to a telephone wire and it was a huge pain and unless the doctor really wanted it… NOW the information is put on a SD card and the report is really detailed. So if the doctor needs the report you pull the SD card out, take it to the company that supplies your machine they print it off and there you go!

So I haven’t been sleeping well and I can check in the morning the average number have apneas I had the night before and the goal is ZERO. So on the number I am on we got it down to zero and before usually when I checked I was at zero, 0.1, or 0.2 which was good. I was sleeping 7.5 hours-8 hours a night life was golden….NOW I am somewhere between zero and 1.0 which is NOT GOOD, and I am sleeping anywhere between 6 and 7.5 hours. So yeah.. doctor wants the report to see if he can figure out what is going on.

Possibility is that my pain is just too high and that is causing me not to sleep well because I’m broken and between the knees, back and neck I just can’t get into a good sleeping position. The other possibility is that I need the settings on my machine adjusted again due to my weight loss. So weight plays a role in your settings I was at one setting, then I gained weight and I needed a different setting. Well now I’ve lost 100lbs so it’s possible that I need my settings adjusted again. So we’ll see what the report says.

Of course with surgery being so close nothing is going to be done until after surgery and I am recovered a bit. So we might be doing another sleep study after I am healed from that. We just are going to wait and see. I love being the patient everyone scratches their head over.

I have worked really hard to create good sleep habits for myself because of my sleep issues and I wear my cpap every night because I know overall I feel better when its on verses when its off, and hopefully we can get this figured out!

Sleep perhaps to SLEEP!!!!

So normal people go to bed and ACTUALLY SLEEP, I go to bed and if I’m lucky I sleep. Last night was one of the worse nights! I fell asleep okay, I was pretty tired to start out so that was a good sign. Recently I’ve been battling insomnia so I haven’t been falling asleep until 1am-2am and then my body wakes up around 6am which is NOT enough sleep! So last night I was tired at 9pm and I was like I am not fighting this, I am going to bed! So I go to bed, I tossed and turned a bit until I found that semi-comfy spot that I actually could fall asleep in. I woke up several times during the night to re-adjust which is pretty par for the course. At 4:30am I got a bad leg cramp and so I flipped over…this is very key point so remember that I normally sleep on my right side but because of the very painful leg cramp I am now sleeping on my left side…at 5am I JOLT AWAKE when I nearly come CRASHING OUT OF THE BED!

See I always sleep on the right side so when I roll over on my back no big deal, but key piece of information I sleep on the edge of the bed, always have, so when I was sleeping on the left side and went to roll on my back there was AIR! Scared me to death! Guess I should be glad it didn’t scare other things out of me otherwise I would be cleaning the bed and floor up…

So I decided that 5am was a good time to wake up and start my day, I am sure I will take a nap later in the middle of the bed so I won’t have to worry about rolling over onto AIR. This is why I only ever sleep on one side makes things easier never have to worry about falling out of bed. I am a klutz! Go into the ER how did you break your arm? I fell out of bed at 5am. No how did you break your arm? I fell out of bed at 5am, like seriously, I am that klutzy!

The night before I woke up in the middle of the night after having a dream we were trying on Mardi Gras masks with my CPAP mask in my hand. I guess I decided to take it off in real life. I put it back on and went back to sleep. Wifey thought that was pretty funny, I however did not find it as funny as she did. I’m not saying I didn’t find it funny, just not as funny as she did.


Red hot…face…

So in addition to all the pain my face is red hot…or at least feels like it’s burning up. Now wifey seems to disagree with me on this, but I feel like my face is burning up, but I do agree that to the touch it does not feel as hot as I feel internally…if that makes sense. My temperature does not register this, it actually has been lower than normal. My cheeks have been redder than normal, so I think you can see it, but maybe it’s just me.

I am just finishing the antibiotics for the cyst that I have. My knees are not cooperating (I know what else is new on that front). My neck has really been bothering me, even more than normal I see the doctor in 2 weeks to schedule surgery. My back is bothering me and today I have a migraine. Oh yeah I am just loving life today!

My neighbor came over to chat and commented that I looked tired, and I know I do, I feel tired. I have been randomly falling asleep at the computer again, I will lose time which is always disconcerting. I think this is playing into my neck bothering me more than normal. I have found myself in odd angles which I’m sure isn’t healthy for my neck. I have checked my CPAP read outs every morning and most mornings they are decent and I’m sure that most sleep apnea patients would be pleased with mine, but something is just not right. I don’t know what is going on with me, but something is wrong.

I go in for thyroid re-check and potassium re-check tomorrow and maybe something in the blood work will help clue the doctors in. I am so tired of feeling crappy and hurting. I feel like I am losing a battle I didn’t sign up to fight. Of course that is the joy of having an autoimmune disease, you are literally battling yourself. Your body has decided to go to war with itself and destroy some piece of itself and you are stuck on both sides.

Ticket to the carnival

I am having one of those days I expect to find my cellphone in the fridge..yup I just don’t know which end is up. I mean I keep walking into a room and then stop to think why was I walking in here in the first place…I know this is just the fibromyalgia, but geez! Brain fog is something I still have not gotten used to which I’m not sure you are supposed to, I mean I know it is part of the condition, but forgetting why you go into a room should just be a side effect of old age. I’m too young for this!

I have not been sleeping well which might be the fibromyalgia, might be my sleep conditions, might be the back issues, might be my neck, etc I have so much going on right now that it’s hard to say why I’m not sleeping, but it’s getting old. I really want to sleep more, but then I look on the cpap machine and realize I’m back to my 7.5 hours. I used to consistently get 7.5 hours, and then I was getting a little more and it was awesome, now I’m back to 7.5 hours.

So the heart rate is going up and down and I am feeling like I’m on a really bad ride that I don’t want to be on. Can someone please tell my heart that what ever carnival ride it put me on, I didn’t buy the ticket? I like the lazy river ride please not the shake them up and let them loose one! When I was a child we went to the fair and they put me on one of those rides that they spin you around and you go around in a circle I started turning green so they stopped the ride so I could get off! They knew I needed to get off before I puked!

The joys of the neurological issues is that I feel carsick all the time so that plus the dizziness from the heart issues is NOT FUN! I want a refund on this carnival I want the fun one! Next time I’m picking the field trip! I want to have fun not feel like I am going to fall over at every turn.

The Pain Sleep Cycle

*Circle of Life Song ques* NOOOO not that! I said Pain/Sleep Cycle guys not the Circle of life!!! *Record scratches, Pumba farts-he is a warthog afterall* Yo, Pumba take Simba and get out of here! Leave the door open too, you STINK!!

Okay now that we got the place aired out a bit! Last night I was exhausted, the good exhausted from spending time with family and the kids, but exhausted none the less. The issue when you have chronic pain is that often when you get exhausted the more you WANT to sleep the more your body said NO WAY JOSE! So I tossed and turned a lot of the night, my heart rate was running high a lot of the day (in the 140 range). My oxygen levels were decent from what I could tell. I have a feeling the cardiologist may suggest doing a halter monitor for me to get a better idea what my heart rate and oxygen levels are on a consistent basis since I’m only spot checking, and when I’m sitting I’m in a normal range, when I’m standing they are much higher for the heart rate and the oxygen levels while still normal tend to be on the lower end of normal.

So this morning at 5:30am I woke up in pain, but I didn’t want to get up. Then at 6:45am I had the all too familiar electric shock feeling on the bottom of my one foot. So I caved. I got up, I took a shower and now I’m ready for bed again. The simplest tasks are exhausting for me still. I never thought I would seriously debate do I have the energy for a shower today? Now that is a question that I frequently will ask myself. Do I really want to shower? Do I have the energy to shower? What else is on the agenda for today? I actually try to shower on days where I have nothing on the agenda because it takes so much energy.

So I took my shower combed my hair, got dressed and then thought maybe I should change back in my PJs and just climb back into bed! That sounds like a much better idea today! But the coffee was made so I decided to drink my coffee and see if I felt better after my morning cup. I may still decide to ditch real clothes and go back to bed! I am supposed to go to a meeting this morning but I’m not sure I can muster the energy. I really feel like I haven’t slept however my Sleep Apnea machine told me that I got decent sleep so that’s good news. That’s another piece of my personal puzzle often I will sleep rough because of the pain and then the sleep apnea will cause me to sleep even worse.

I changed the format of the blog a bit to try and make it easier for people to find old posts. I realized that if you are trying to find posts on specific topics it might be nice to search by keywords. Hope that helps! It was also interesting to see what I write the most about, which is more which tags I use the most. Some tags I think I needs to use more! Put it all in prospective for me!

Enjoy your day! Enjoy your cup of joe! Compliment someone today! Attitude of Gratitude goes a long way!

Sleep perhaps to dream

I’ve been having these really weird dreams here recently. Not quite sure what to make of them. Last time I checked antibiotics don’t give you vivid dreams, and that’s the only change in medication here recently. Last night I was dreaming about this breastfeeding banner that everyone was proud of because it showed bare ARMS!! Yes I said arms, not breasts. It was weird because I couldn’t figure out why everyone was excited that the mother had bare arms. Somewhere in the shuffle between one event and the next the banner got misplaced and I spent most of the dream helping chase the banner down. Which was funny because I kept thinking to myself why don’t we just reprint the banner? But we had to find this particular banner so I spent the whole dream going to all the different mothers’ houses asking if they had accidentally taken the banner home or if they knew who did.

I’ve never been one to dream a whole lot, usually dreams are a result of whatever medication the doctors have me on for short term use. I remember one time I was on a medication for the first time and I got such vivid dreams that I went back to the doctor in a week and was like yeah NO! Doctor said what’s wrong and I said I feel like I’m tripping on acid in my dreams! Doctor said I thought you said you’ve never taken drugs and I go I never have dropped acid but after a week on this drug I’m pretty sure I know what it would feel like!!! So we weaned me back off of that drug and tried something different.

I have had sleep issues for years now and so I’ve even done those super awesome sleep studies were you go to the fake hotel looking rooms that really have a camera where the technicians watch you sleep. They hook you up to all these wires, you get all this goop in your hair and they tell you to sleep. So once you fall asleep in this really unnatural setting they watch your brain activity and see if you stop breathing, etc. Once your doctor gets the report they call you back in and go over what they found out. I learned all about the sleep I wasn’t getting at night. Learned about my options to try and fix it, which for me was a CPAP machine. I’m still having issues with hypersomnia (daytime sleepiness) so once this blood clot clears up I get to try again at a sleep study to see if we can figure out what else is going on.

The biggest drag right now is that the blood clot is ruling my life in a lot of ways I really dislike. I want my life to go back to what I view as normal, but I cannot yet because I have a huge blood clot. I get that I know my body needs to finish dissolving it, I get that. In the meanwhile I have to wait and waiting is not my strong suit, I am impatient, impulsive, and restless. I am not good at sitting still and someone said this was God’s way of teaching me to slow down and I said I know I’m a slow learner but I think this was a bit on the extreme side, but then I realized God could hear me, so I APOLOGIZED! I’ve learned over the years never pray for patience because God answers prayers but not always in the way you expect!


So Wifey goes did you hear that? Nope sorry was in my own little world over here bombing my newsgroup with emojis and playing games. What? The cat…Creme sounds like she is coughing up a hairball in her sleep… Do you think she was having a nightmare? I mean do cats have nightmares like people do? Can you imagine that? I wonder if they have nightmares like ooh hairball the size of the sofa is chasing me around the house!! I’m out of wet food! I have to poop in the toilet! I mean seriously I’m sure there are lots of possible nightmare scenarios for a cat. No wet food, I can see the bottom of my bowl again, she bought 6 Christmas sweaters on clearance! I mean seriously!

Speaking of nightmares this morning I had this really weird dream that woke me up at 5:45am and all I can remember at the end is someone screamed LESBIANS!!! Now whether that was in the good way or the bad way I really can’t remember! I just remember waking up and looking at the green of the numbers on the clock and trying to decide do I get up now or do I try to sleep a bit longer and after laying in the bed for about 10 minutes I decided to just get up.

Some days you just don’t fight sleep you just get up and hope you can nap later in the day. I mean I’ve learned from the insomnia, sleep apnea and who knows what other undiagnosed sleep issues I have sometimes you just can’t win. Does still make me wonder about what cats dream about big balls of yarn, rolls of toilet paper, I mean there must be something right?

Yodeling….at 1am….

Because between my wife and I get SOOO MUCH SLEEP….*insert heavy sarcasm* At 1am this morning we hear yodeling. Yes you read that correctly yodeling now wait for it…wait for it from a pickle. Yes a pickle.


This is the offending pickle. So at 1am my wife wakes me up and goes where is the pickle??!!! Thinking it had fallen off the dresser. So I lift my head up and look over on the dresser and it’s still sitting right where it was when we went to bed. So I say to her through the CPAP mask, it’s still safely on the dresser, she shakes her head, turns the light back off and we go back to sleep.

Now how many people can say they woke up because of a pickle? And of those people how many people can say their pickle was yodeling? I mean really? The pickle was part of her Christmas gift exchange at work and I’m thinking she is regretting it. I still think its hilarious and I’ll put up with a little yodeling, but I’m thinking that the pickle is going to be finding a new home outside the bedroom tonight. No offense yodeling pickle but 1am is not when I want to hear the yodels of your people!

Suspended in midair…

So ever since I was a child I tend to sleep on the edge of the bed. I remember one summer at 4-H camp my camp counselor was concerned because I was sleeping on my side on the edge of the bunk-bed. They stood looking at me trying to decide was it safer to leave me sleep, or should they try to wake me up, if they woke me would I fall on the floor. So they decided after watching me sleep (creepy right?) they would continue on their bed checks.

So this morning I woke up at 7am and realized and not sure how I was doing this but my right arm was suspended in midair, however I was sleeping it was totally asleep. Now that I am concous I need to slowly and carefully move it back on the bed, OOOWWWWW that REALLY hurts, and I hate the pins and needles feeling of my arm waking up after its been asleep. The best part is my wife is asleep and my cpap mask is on and I can’t take it off because my arm is currently asleep from shoulder all the way down to fingertips. Hmmm what can I do but take some deep breaths count to 10 and tell myself that it will be all over once my nerves decide they are awake.

Nerve pain is nothing new to me. I feel it ALL the time it seems, my nerves are so messed up from the fibromyalgia that I often have nerve pain in different areas of my body. I lay in agony because I can’t make any loud noises I don’t want to wake up Jenna that would not be fair to her, she has about 30 minutes before she has to be up. Nothing worse than be awoken early by something stupid. Yup this falls in the stupid category I mean really! My arm is asleep. Honey I’m sorry I let out blood curdling screams this morning my arm decided it wanted to play Houdini early this morning and then my nerves hurt so I screamed and made you think I was dying..it was nothing really. Yeah on a Monday, I might be looking for a divorce lawyer. I mean she loves me, but there are just certain actions you DON’T do on a Monday. Now if it was a Thursday or a Friday I might get away with it, but definitely not on a Monday.