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Internal clock…I hate you!

So this was yesterday in a nutshell…I went to routine cardiologist appointment I get one way ticket to ER, I spend 9 hours in the ER before they decide I can go home, I go to bed around 1am, my body wakes up at 7am like usual……internal clock…I HATE YOU!!!!

Next month will be 6 months since I had my saddle pulmonary embolism and I need to have a repeat echocardiogram to see if my heart is back to normal size. So I had made an appointment with my cardiologist for this week before the chest pains started on Monday. So I went over everything with him. My EKG that they did in his office was normal, but the chest pains plus other symptoms he wanted to rule out another blood clot. I understood the reasoning because every time he asked me do you have this symptom it was yes, BUT…. so he said chest CT to rule out blood clot today.

So we went to the ER they took over an hour to even take me back to triage. I had another repeat EKG which was normal, they ordered the CT. They put me back out in the very full waiting room. So I finally went back after waiting for about 5 hours and they had an incoming trauma, so they had to wait for that to clear before doing the CT. So I waited some more. Which trust me when I say I totally get that waiting. I was stable and I would much rather wait for someone in a life or death situation because that was me almost 6 months ago! So we got the CT and then the doctor came back told me it was normal but now he was calling my cardiologist to find out if I needed to be admitted for more testing. Oh geez! In the notes he gave the charge nurse (and I know this because I was standing right next to him when he gave them to her) he said he just needed me cleared of a blood clot, then I was free to go. So I say okay, and we waited another hour for me to be discharged to follow up with the cardiologist. So I spent 9 hours in the ER.

Wifey laughed about only I could go in for a routine doctor’s appointment and end up with a 9 hour ER visit. At least I got a normal CT out of the deal! That should count for something….rigght? So I have more cardiac testing in my near future. I really need a punch card, I want something free! I am really happy that all my doctors are working to keep me healthy because I plan on living a LONG life. I mean I have a lot of goals to work on like farting on que. Yup I just said it! I tease the wifey ALL the time about that I am going to learn to fart on que so I can fart on her whenever I want! I haven’t quite mastered that skill yet, so I’m still working on it.

Loud noises do not please me!

So I ventured out in what’s left of the snow yesterday to get my xrays and my cat scan. I’m sitting at the hospital and someone decided it would be the PERFECT day to check the fire alarm system…REALLY??!!! So we hear “CODE RED PRE-OP” The alarm is blaring. I cover my ears because I am overly sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, so the strobes that are also going off are also just as annoying. So I look over to the radiology desk to see if we need to evacuate and the nurse is just sitting at the desk. So I know this is just a drill. When I taught which feels like eons ago we did fire drills every month so I’m very familiar.

So I sit with my hands over my ears, and look out the window to try not to look at the strobing lights. Finally after about 10 minutes the alarms turn off. The nurse looks up at me and tells me only a few more minutes. I tell her thank you. They pull me back for my CT scan and apologize for the delay. It didn’t really bother me, I mean it’s a hospital and yeah I had an appointment but I know that if anyone comes in who is more important than I am needs that CT machine they are going first and when they decided to test the fire alarm they had to go through different steps, so it was all good.

So now we wait until my spinal specialist can look at the imaging and see where we are. This is where we it’s a catch 22, you don’t want anything to be wrong with the CT, but at the same time my arms are going numb. So I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

The radiologist who did my x-rays has done them multiple times at this point and she was laughing about me being back AGAIN. I told her I just couldn’t get enough of her shining personality. At the rate I am going I can have a deck of playing cards made with all my xrays. It’s all good, I mean I know they are being careful and watching me closely especially after that blood clot came out of nowhere in October and I prefer it this way honestly. I mean I would much rather them check the progress and err on the side of caution. Yes I understand the risk of the radiation, and we do have to balance that and the healing. However the blood clot almost killed me so I think right now we have to watch to make sure I don’t have any more complications. Lord knows I don’t need or want any more complications, 2016 is my year!

Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck! I have been losing feeling in my arms and hands and that got me a one way ticket to the cat scan machine! YAY ME! I am going to get a scan of my neck to see if there is something wrong with my c-spine. I go see the spinal specialist on Tuesday. So I won’t have to wait long for the results. I also have to get xrays of my back too. I am so used to this at this point.

A family member had a child diagnosed with an illness this week and I thought about how much your life changes when you get a chronic illness diagnosis. When I was told I had to be on blood thinners for 6 months to a year it was overwhelming, but there was a time frame. I know when my end is, I know when I can say goodbye to the weekly blood checks, I know when I can say goodbye to the diet restrictions and HELLO BROCCOLI SOUFFLE! Trust me when I am off coumadin that will be my first dinner, I already told the wifey! When you get the diagnosis of say fibromyalgia it’s for life. You don’t get an end date you wake up every day and you feel tired, you hurt. You don’t get to think in 6 months I will get a reprieve.

I think about all the little changes we’ve had to make since my surgeries, since the blood clots. The assistive devices I use on a daily basis, how I change how I go about do things and just how I move. I am wearing a knee brace because of my knee sprain and that is putting added pressure on my bad knee. I am working on getting everything looked at and pieced back together but its a slow process. I got to reschedule appointments now because we got snow and businesses closed because roads were bad.

I had a moment this morning. I try to not have many of those because let’s be honest with all the health issues if I let all the health issues overwhelm me I probably would cry. I was washing my hair and it was coming out in clumps. So now I gotta make another appointment with my doctor and have a discussion with him about this. If we were closer to spring I would make a joke about shedding for warmer weather, but alas we are not close enough for that joke.

I love imaging

So when you get your spine pulled apart and pushed back together you get used to getting images done. I’m getting quite a collection of low back x-rays, actually I think all the x-ray technicians know me by name now. Last time I had to go get x-rays I saw one of the pre-operation nurses who I tease about that “You’re NOT my friend.” Now understand that this is said very tongue and cheek because Chris the first time I met him made me cry, he was trying to draw blood from me and when he finally got it from my wrist (which is very painful fyi) I cried. So the next time I saw him I told him he wasn’t my friend anymore, so I saw him teased him gave him a high five and told him how I almost died in October. He was very glad to see that I am still standing.

I am very glad to report that so far I have no had anyone who was upset to see me still standing. I’m not sure what I would do if I came across someone who said “Man I wish the blood clot had won!” I probably would kick them in the nuts. Wait, why did I just assume they were male….hmmm maybe because a female would have a better filter and say it behind my back! HAHAHA

So today I told the spine doc’s PA that I am getting tingling in my arms and hands and so the spine doc is ordering a full spine CT scan. So I can add that to the list so I have a low spine MRI, plus more x-rays than I can count, oh yeah he wants repeat x-rays too! (Still watching the bone not growing). So we get to do a spine CT in January with those x-rays. YAY!

One day I am going to print out all my imagining just so I can make a life size imagine of myself with my images, I’m pretty sure I could do it too! It was a good day today, I’m tired and ready for bed, trying to decide if I go to bed, or wait up for the wifey who is finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping. I can’t believe Christmas is 3 days away! Where did all the time go? 2016 will be here soon and we can put 2015 to bed with all those other years. We’ll say nighty night and all that good stuff, kiss someone when the ball drops and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR and make a bunch of noise! Then we’ll all look at each other and go okay back to the gym to lose all this weight work really hard for a few weeks until we forget again and fall back into old habits. Actually this year I have lost 50lbs and I’m happy. I was hoping to lose more than that but there was that little blood clot and it slowed me down a bit, but slow and steady wins the race and when you think about that there is 52 weeks in the year and I lost 50lbs that means I lost about 1lb a week, that’s not bad at all!