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Edema or something else?

So if you are just joining us short version of a very long one is in October I was almost killed by a saddle pulmonary embolism which is the mother of all blood clots. It was massive, like 3 doctors told me I should be dead and were rather impressed I was alive, and a saddle pulmonary embolism sits on both sides of your lung see the video here. So now I have to go in weekly to have my INR checked to make sure my blood is thin enough to break up the blood clot, and prevent new ones from forming. On top of this lovely task I also have to watch to see if I see any signs of new ones forming. Now I would like to step out for a moment and say that I didn’t have any symptoms of the first one until it tried to KILL me! The second part of this is I have edema which is swelling in both legs and have lived with this since I was 18 years old, I am on 2 water pills to try and control this, but when you already have swelling in both legs it just makes looking for a blood clot a little harder….just saying.

So to add to this, my right thigh is numb and my right knee has been popping/swelling, so last night the area around my knee was swollen, but the rest of my leg was normal. I told my wife that my leg just looked weird! If I wasn’t always looking and comparing them I probably wouldn’t have noticed as much, but since I have to keep a look out for swelling, bruising, heat, etc I noticed this uneven swelling pattern. Of course because my knee has been popping pretty much every time I stand up I think we can safely assume it is due to the issue in my knee.

Of course you know what they say about assuming…..

Christmas was wonderful we spent time with both sides of the family and extended family. On Christmas Eve we went over to my Brother in Law’s Boyfriend’s parents’ house. (Say that 3 times fast!)  We opened gifts on my wife’s side of the family there and ate a huge feast! The food was SOOOOO good!!! We talked, we laughed, we just had a really good time!

Then Christmas Day my family came over to our house and we opened presents with the niece and the nephew who he was starting to get the hang of ripping the paper off! Next year I know he’ll be ready! The niece LOVES the movie “Frozen” so there were a lot of “Frozen” related gifts for her. I got my new wedding ring, I had lost so much weight my ring size dropped by 2 sizes. I got my wife a Chelsea Football Club (Soccer team from England) Polo Shirt she can wear to work and she is SOOO excited! Apparently there are a few Chelsea fans on her floor who will be jealous of her present. I was just proud of myself that I did not spill the beans because I was so excited about the purchase and I tend to get really excited about things and then tell! Mom and Dad also got each of us a piece of pottery from a local potter both pieces are beautiful. They really like to support local businesses and Artisans which I think is awesome. So then we went to Grammie’s house (Jenna’s Grandmother) for dinner and had more good food and conversation. It was great, but I was SOOOO sore by the time we got home. So yesterday I spent almost the entire day on the couch with my feet up.

Today I have a feeling that I’ll spend the day the same way because my body has to rest, thankfully Christmas is only once a year!