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High Fiber Foods + Coumadin = A Delicate Balance

I am obese. I have been working on losing weight since 2014. I found a high fiber meal plan/lifestyle that I LOVE. I have been very successful at losing the weight on said meal plan, THEN comes deadly blood clot in October 2015!!!! *Que super dramatic music* So it’s been a bit of a struggle losing weight since October. I am going to be really honest because a lot of the foods that I got really accustomed to eating like spinach, kale, spring mixed salads ALLL are high Vitamin K foods that you have to really watch when you take Coumadin.

So let me explain a little bit about how they get rid of blood clots, so the body will naturally get rid of a blood clot by breaking it down. Sometimes doctors will try and break up a blood clot, but in my case they felt like trying to break up my massive blood clot would kill me, or cause me to stroke so they decided that giving me blood thinners and seeing if my body could naturally break up the clot would be the safest choice. So they put me on Coumadin which is rat poison. Yes, I am not kidding you, scientist found that by giving rats Coumadin it thinned their blood until they bled out, hence why you have to have regular blood checks to make sure your blood is not too thin!

Vitamin K and Coumadin are enemies (of sorts) because Vitamin K reverses the effects of Coumadin! Which is why you have to watch what foods you are eating that are high in Vitamin K to make sure you are not accidentally making your blood too thick again. For every patient depending on condition there are two basic ranges for INR (International Normalized Ratio) 2.0-3.0 or 2.5-3.5. Now some people might have a bit different based on their own medical needs but those are the two most common ranges.

So I get this massive blood clot and I’m told to stop eating Vitamin K foods until we can get my INR up, so I have to stop eating broccoli, spinach, kale, spring mix, brussel sprouts, greens (collard, turnip, mustard), and many other green foods that I had been packing my diet with! So I also know now that those foods thicken your blood naturally (just saying!) So how am I going to keep up my high fiber diet without eating those foods?

So there are LOTS of other sources of high fiber like beans, fruits, OTHER veggies! So I started looking at foods like sweet potatoes, beans (I eat a lot of beans now!), fruits (in moderation because of their higher sugar content), and because we are gluten free I eat quinoa. So it is still possible to eat a high fiber diet when you are on blood thinners, you just have to get a bit creative at times! I will also do things like add peppers to quinoa and beans (think rice and beans but quinoa has more fiber than rice!). Add some extra fiber to foods by adding in more vegetables to what you are making, adding in white beans to dishes a lot of times works because white beans will soak up the flavor of whatever you are cooking. I am really happy its summer again because there are lots of fresh foods at the local Farmer’s Markets! What’s better than going and helping out the local farmers?

So next time you are making your favorite dish think about ways you could add a bit more fiber to it, you might be surprised what you come up with!

58 ounces of liquid…..

So if you have read about my pets you know that I own a cat. A very special rescue cat, but a cat….so let me back up for a moment to let you know that I am sleep deprived today (this will be important in a moment). I went to bed around 11pm, I was up briefly at 1:30am to hear about how wifey was having trouble sleeping, then I got up at 5:30am which has been the norm this week (more on the internal clock saga LATER). So back to Creme the cat…so Creme likes to chew on plastic she doesn’t eat the plastic just chew on it (which yes I know isn’t healthy and trust me when I tell you we have been trying to correct this behavior for years now), so she’s sitting beside me and there is a plastic bag also sitting on the loveseat and she is chewing on it. I tell her to stop, she stops temporarily, and then as soon as she thinks I’m not paying attention she tries again. So I think I will go feed her early, normally I don’t feed her until 7am, but since she is chewing on the plastic maybe this will encourage her to stop.

THIS WAS MY MISTAKE! Remember I am sleep deprived…I have not had my cup of coffee yet. I have had breakfast I have make it that far in the morning routine, the coffee is made, but I have not made it back into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. So I pour too much food into her bowl because I am sleep deprived and overshot how much to pour in the bowl, then walking out out I trip over her water bowl. So we have one of those self-water type of bowls for her that holds like 50oz of liquid..it flips over on its side (of course), I stumble like a drunk out of the bar at 2:30am. I try to regain my balance without dislocating something and/or breaking something, turn around slowly and put her water bowl upright again but not before 48oz of water has now poured on the floor. All I can think is how fast does that thing empty? I mean it was on the floor for like 30 seconds??!!! I know I’m slow but GEEZ!

So now I am getting a towel to clean up the water that I have no gloriously poured all over the floor. I am carefully cleaning that up, Creme of course is just looking at me like that was MY WATER how DARE YOU! Oh give it a rest cat! You prefer fresh water! I tried to give her my best teacher face to make her go away, but it didn’t work. So as I am cleaning it up I swear the water is multiplying, and growing and becoming a bigger puddle, so the first towel is now drenched, so I get a second towel and that towel is now drenched and I’m thinking if I don’t get it cleaned up with a 3rd towel I’m calling Mary Poppins! I mean it was just her water bowl and I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be this much water from one little bowl!

I also think Creme was secretly laughing at me because of everything. I wouldn’t be surprised they say that cats take after their owners and wifey laughs at me all the time! So I FINALLY get all the water cleaned up after what feels like Noah’s flood! So then I know I need to get a cup of coffee to not pass go do not collect $200! So I get my cup, I start to pour the cup of coffee and I miss and pour it on my shirt….WOW! Did I mention that I am sleep deprived today? So I try again a little more carefully and I made it IN the cup this go round. So now I am working on drinking my coffee but I promise a nap is in my future!

Oh Kiwi maybe I can have 1

So I had my INR check today which was 1.9 (I am supposed to be between 2.0-3.0) and I tell the pharmacist about my knew found knowledge about kiwi fruit and they say what? I tell them to look it up so they look it up and go huh! It is in fact considered a moderate food! So I can eat 1 just 1 and still be okay as far as my INR is concerned and then they ask me if I have been eating a lot of kiwi recently! I tell them NO!!! I have broken up with kiwi because they betrayed me and like a bad girlfriend we are not on speaking terms and I gave a pouty face because well that’s how I roll! So they laugh and tell me that 1 medium kiwi would be okay, just not 5! So I like this! I like that I can have 1, I can deal with 1. I want more, but I can deal with 1!

So life is a bit better now that I have permission to eat 1!

Oh Kiwi you have betrayed me!

So we decided this year to try growing kiwi! Yeah most people would look at me like what? We bought a variety that can withstand cold temperatures and we are growing it in the backyard and if it does well, who knows maybe we’ll get another! So we were looking at the growth the other night and reading the tag and I see where it mentions that kiwi are a good source of Vitamin K…wait WHAT!!!! So I look at the wife and go umm nooo…that can’t be! Not my kiwi!! So I do some research and lo and behold..it’s true!

So a couple of weeks ago one of the stores I like to shop at, had an AMAZING sale on you guessed it! KIWI!!! So I bought 8! Now in case you are wondering I can sit and eat 2 or 3 at a time, so 8 really was not that many for the household. So between me sitting and eating them, fruit salad for the wife’s work and dehydrating them I probably ate 5 or 6 out of the 8 I bought. So in this time frame I had 2 INR checks and my INR was REALLY LOW, and they asked me about Vitamin K foods and of course I go NOO I don’t eat them because I honestly had NO IDEA my kiwi was betraying me!

So I am going to have to breakup with my beloved kiwi until my blood thinner treatment is up and then I’ll probably gored myself on them along with spinach and broccoli! I’m going to be eating the weirdest meals once I’m off blood thinners! The only good news is that the plant in the backyard shouldn’t produce fruit this year, it should start producing next year, so I shouldn’t have to worry about lusting over fresh kiwi in my backyard that I cannot eat. I mean that would be more than I could handle! I might have to beg the doctors to let me eat just one! Please give me more blood thinner so I can eat my KIWI!!! IT’S SO FRESH! It’s calling my name!!!!



So INR is the blood test that is done when you are on blood thinners. You have a range (set by your doctor) and for me I have had a hard time staying in my range even though I do not eat the high vitamin K foods. I REALLY MISS BROCCOLI!!!! Seriously! I used to eat a LOT of broccoli and spinach before all this mess, but I don’t eat either of these now. I plan on eating a lot of broccoli and spinach once I’m off blood thinners again.

So the last two checks I have been low and have had to be given a booster dose for a couple of days, well today I was IN RANGE!! I was/am very excited that I am in range. Now I’m sure you are going to ask what can cause me what can cause INR to fluctuate and the answer is a lot can! If you are sick it can cause it to fluctuate. If you lose a lot of weight, or gain a lot of weight, if you eat a lot of vitamin C, if you drink tea, if you drink certain juices, etc!

It’s a lot, BUT I had a MASSIVE saddle pulmonary embolism (blood clot both sides of the lungs). It cut off all blood supply, I passed out, I have been told I am very lucky to be alive. I’ve been told by 3 doctors I should be dead. I am very happy to be alive. I am actually about 21lbs lighter now. My blood pressure is a LOT better, my heart is a lot better, I no longer have a blood clot!! HOWEVER I am on blood thinners for the therapeutic value. They will be keeping me on the blood thinners for the time being, we’re talking to a hematologist soon about my up coming surgery. Getting some expert opinion on my current situation, and where we go from here.

I am too blessed to be stressed and trust me I was laughing today in the clinic with the staff to bring a little joy because life is too short to be GRUMPY!!

Homemade Subway and Amy Winehouse

So apparently people will make what used to be called a “sandwich” and call it homemade Subway now. Yes people this is a thing now…yes I am being totally serious. So wifey and I were discussing this this morning before she left for work as she was showing me pictures on Buzzfeed and then tonight we were still laughing about other homemade restaurant foods. Now I want to point out that any sandwich is classified as  Homemade Subway including those made on plain white bread, not just those made on sub rolls..to which I was VERY CONFUSED!!! I mean if you are going to be calling it homemade Subway I would think only sandwiches that you can actually buy AT SUBWAY would count, but apparently this is NOT the case. So wifey was talking about I’m going to make some spaghetti and make me some Homemade Olive Garden, or some tacos and have some Homemade Taco Bell. I mean why not?

So then she showed me a picture of a Drag Queen and said that some Drag Queens can pull off a trashy look, some cannot. In the picture the Drag Queen looked like Amy Winehouse, so me being silly go “Why haven’t we heard any new music from Amy Winehouse??” Of course I start giggling while I say this which totally gives up that I’m being serious in my posing of the question, but eh I tried! We really have lost some really great musicians too early.

So tomorrow I am thinking I am going to make some Homemade Subway for lunch I mean since apparently you can use any bread and any toppings I figure I can use whatever I find and it will count! I mean I could put hot fudge syrup on their but as long as it’s between two pieces of bread it counts as Homemade Subway.

Weirdo Cat and Easter Bunny

Another big holiday today and I woke up multiple times in pain. The pollen is out in full force so the allergies are starting to kick up, I think part of that is we had the windows open to air out the house a bit yesterday. Our weirdo cat got to sit in the window sill and look outside for a bit.


She likes to look at all the birds she doesn’t get to eat for dinner…I mean she is a cat after all! She also looks at the squirrels and anything else that might go past the window. Wifey is working on making a prayer/meditation space in the office, so she was moving furniture around. I cannot help her since I have some damage to my spine and cannot lift anything. She is making progress. I know it will be awesome when it is all finished.

So we are having family over for Easter and I am tired before we even start which isn’t that usual for me. I did not sleep very well last night. Wifey and I were discussing the sleep function on the Fitbit® and I said to her I don’t want to wear one because I really don’t want to know how little I sleep. I already get the apnea report in the morning, and sometimes I cry over that. I don’t need another measure of how crappy my sleep is right now due to the pain, and fibromyalgia. I also keep cracking my neck right now which if you are just joining us my C5 and C6 are bone on bone and I am getting those fused this summer. We are waiting to get cardiac testing done and some clearances before we make surgical plans in May for the surgery. I’ve had 3 major spinal surgeries and because of my saddle pulmonary emboli in October this one is going to be a pain in the butt because now I have to have a lot more of my specialist sign off.

So today is Easter the day that the Lord rose from the dead. We celebrate eternal life. I maybe in pain today but I’m happy to be spending time with family. I enjoy spending family time, and we have an Easter bunny! Otis my 6 year old bunny, loves Easter too, I mean how could he not? BUT that being said we do recognize the true meaning of this holiday. We are thankful for time with family, we rejoice in salvation and remember why Jesus died on the cross.

I hope that everyone has a very blessed day. I hope that everyone has a low pain to pain free day (if possible).

Artist in the making

So the 3 year old loves to paint so we bought a couple of small canvases for her to paint with Aunt Jenna (wifey) while she was here this weekend. She had a BLAST! Aunt Jenna set up the traveling easel in the kitchen and she gave her a pallet and she got to pick her colors and paint. She learned about mixing colors and how not to put too much paint on her brush. She did a very nice job.

We have had the 3 year old since Friday night, and then the 1 year old since Saturday morning and we’re having a ball. We made Olaf waffles for breakfast and we had Easter pasta. The 3 year old helped decorate my cake. We also made Unicorn POOP! So you see we’ve had all SORTS of FUN! We have also learned that Aunt Jenn and Aunt Jenna have RULES and there are consequences if you don’t want to follow the rules. Hey kids need boundaries! However we have had so much fun that she still doesn’t think I’m mean, so I still have some work to do…No I’m not trying to make her think I’m mean, I just need her to know that I have clear boundaries and a clear set of rules she needs to follow at my house.

Tonight family is coming over for ham and baked potatoes and we’re going to have CAKE and Ice Cream! So happy to have family time for my birthday! Oh and I’m sure we’ll dig into the Unicorn Poop too! Best served with carrots and celery.

Considering in October they didn’t think I’d see another day I am blessed to be celebrating another birthday with my family! I see each day as a new gift, a new adventure and a new day to make an impact. What will you do today?


So I am REALLY excited about my birthday weekend, and normally I only celebrate for one day, BUT we have the niece and the nephew so we’re going ALL WEEKEND LONG! I’m excited! It’s going to be FUN! I mean my wife is going to have her hands full with a 4 and 1/2 year old (me), a 3 year old and a 1 year old, but she’ll be okay…right? I mean OF COURSE SHE WILL BE!!! We have crafts, we bought the niece a canvas to paint with the wifey because she wants to paint with Aunt Jenna. So excited to see how it turns out.

I am so excited to have the kids here this weekend. I told the wifey this will be practice for when we have kids. I also know that we will have our hands full. Mom is planning on coming over to help with the tag teaming since I wear out. But I am very excited. We have a lot of stuff planned to do with the kids. We have cooking stuff, song stuff, game stuff and a 20 gallon tote filled with toys! I am 4 and half after all…I do own quite a few toys….

I love spending time with family and I appreciate family time even more now. When my Mom got stuck in the ditch the first thought was of my sister. I laughed I wasn’t mad, it was happy thoughts. Now laughing probably wasn’t the appropriate response in the moment but I was remembering my sister and a fond memory. I miss Karen and things like that make me remember the good times. You take the good with the bad, you take your lumps and you keep on trucking. Plus it makes for a good story!


Birthday plans

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks so we are discussing plans, meal ideas and cake ideas.


This was last year’s cake. I really like butterflies so a couple years ago Mom bought the Wilton® Cake pan and had a friend make me a cake, last year wifey did it for me. She’s a good wifey! This year the plan is to make same butterfly cake shape but have our 3 year old niece help decorate it! I can’t WAIT! I was at JoAnn Fabric’s and I bought a decorating tool so she will just have to press a button to get the icing to release. I have a bunch of tips already from when I decorated cakes and I use the bags, but I felt that my beautiful niece might get a little frustrated with the bags, so I got her something a little easier. We are also buying 4.5lb bucket of the pre-made icing so all I have to do is dye what will be used and we’re all decorating the cake! I really think it’s going to be fun and no matter what this cake will be filled with LOVE! Then for my actually birthday, we’re doing ham and a baked potato fixin’ bar with sour cream, butter, bacon bits, broccoli (for those who can eat it!), chili, cheese, and whatever else I think of between now and then! We will have everyone over to have dinner and then cake and ice cream. Family time is really important to us and the fact that we can all get together is even more special.

I have been so blessed to have my family at every step of this journey. Mom and Dad have helped us in lots of different ways but the amount of just moral support has been priceless. My Mother and Father in law are the same way. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have married into a family that has opened their arms to me. I can call my brother in laws just to chat see what’s up, we go over to their house for game night, they are always up for coming over here, they like my cooking! My sister in law and I have chemistry and science geekiness in common and often make science jokes to each other via social media which of course my wife just rolls her eyes at, but it makes us laugh! My own sister and I often talk on the phone, I know she has my back no matter what. My baby brother who is several inches taller than me always comes to spend time with me on his breaks. I know how lucky I am to have a family that supports me, because not all families are like that.