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Artist in the making

So the 3 year old loves to paint so we bought a couple of small canvases for her to paint with Aunt Jenna (wifey) while she was here this weekend. She had a BLAST! Aunt Jenna set up the traveling easel in the kitchen and she gave her a pallet and she got to pick her colors and paint. She learned about mixing colors and how not to put too much paint on her brush. She did a very nice job.

We have had the 3 year old since Friday night, and then the 1 year old since Saturday morning and we’re having a ball. We made Olaf waffles for breakfast and we had Easter pasta. The 3 year old helped decorate my cake. We also made Unicorn POOP! So you see we’ve had all SORTS of FUN! We have also learned that Aunt Jenn and Aunt Jenna have RULES and there are consequences if you don’t want to follow the rules. Hey kids need boundaries! However we have had so much fun that she still doesn’t think I’m mean, so I still have some work to do…No I’m not trying to make her think I’m mean, I just need her to know that I have clear boundaries and a clear set of rules she needs to follow at my house.

Tonight family is coming over for ham and baked potatoes and we’re going to have CAKE and Ice Cream! So happy to have family time for my birthday! Oh and I’m sure we’ll dig into the Unicorn Poop too! Best served with carrots and celery.

Considering in October they didn’t think I’d see another day I am blessed to be celebrating another birthday with my family! I see each day as a new gift, a new adventure and a new day to make an impact. What will you do today?


So I am REALLY excited about my birthday weekend, and normally I only celebrate for one day, BUT we have the niece and the nephew so we’re going ALL WEEKEND LONG! I’m excited! It’s going to be FUN! I mean my wife is going to have her hands full with a 4 and 1/2 year old (me), a 3 year old and a 1 year old, but she’ll be okay…right? I mean OF COURSE SHE WILL BE!!! We have crafts, we bought the niece a canvas to paint with the wifey because she wants to paint with Aunt Jenna. So excited to see how it turns out.

I am so excited to have the kids here this weekend. I told the wifey this will be practice for when we have kids. I also know that we will have our hands full. Mom is planning on coming over to help with the tag teaming since I wear out. But I am very excited. We have a lot of stuff planned to do with the kids. We have cooking stuff, song stuff, game stuff and a 20 gallon tote filled with toys! I am 4 and half after all…I do own quite a few toys….

I love spending time with family and I appreciate family time even more now. When my Mom got stuck in the ditch the first thought was of my sister. I laughed I wasn’t mad, it was happy thoughts. Now laughing probably wasn’t the appropriate response in the moment but I was remembering my sister and a fond memory. I miss Karen and things like that make me remember the good times. You take the good with the bad, you take your lumps and you keep on trucking. Plus it makes for a good story!


Birthday plans

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks so we are discussing plans, meal ideas and cake ideas.


This was last year’s cake. I really like butterflies so a couple years ago Mom bought the Wilton® Cake pan and had a friend make me a cake, last year wifey did it for me. She’s a good wifey! This year the plan is to make same butterfly cake shape but have our 3 year old niece help decorate it! I can’t WAIT! I was at JoAnn Fabric’s and I bought a decorating tool so she will just have to press a button to get the icing to release. I have a bunch of tips already from when I decorated cakes and I use the bags, but I felt that my beautiful niece might get a little frustrated with the bags, so I got her something a little easier. We are also buying 4.5lb bucket of the pre-made icing so all I have to do is dye what will be used and we’re all decorating the cake! I really think it’s going to be fun and no matter what this cake will be filled with LOVE! Then for my actually birthday, we’re doing ham and a baked potato fixin’ bar with sour cream, butter, bacon bits, broccoli (for those who can eat it!), chili, cheese, and whatever else I think of between now and then! We will have everyone over to have dinner and then cake and ice cream. Family time is really important to us and the fact that we can all get together is even more special.

I have been so blessed to have my family at every step of this journey. Mom and Dad have helped us in lots of different ways but the amount of just moral support has been priceless. My Mother and Father in law are the same way. I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have married into a family that has opened their arms to me. I can call my brother in laws just to chat see what’s up, we go over to their house for game night, they are always up for coming over here, they like my cooking! My sister in law and I have chemistry and science geekiness in common and often make science jokes to each other via social media which of course my wife just rolls her eyes at, but it makes us laugh! My own sister and I often talk on the phone, I know she has my back no matter what. My baby brother who is several inches taller than me always comes to spend time with me on his breaks. I know how lucky I am to have a family that supports me, because not all families are like that.

Family time and pizza

I am exhausted right now, like nap ready level exhaustion, but HAPPY. Meet up with the parents, brother, sister, brother in-law, niece and nephew and spent the day with everyone, but I am ready for a NAP! It’s a long day for me when the whole family gets together, but it brings me so much JOY. I mean the smiles, the giggles, warms my heart how can I say no to that? My niece reminds me a lot of my sister and I and she is a ball of pure energy which I could use a shot of right about now!

We hung out for a bit and then went out for pizza. I haven’t had pizza in while so that was a niece treat. Pappi and I shared a veggie pizza and we fed the nephew mushrooms, green peppers and black olives off of it. Then because he likes lemons I was feeding him a lemon. The kid really likes lemon! You also know we take LOTS of pictures in this family because the kid’s first word is “CHEESE” and he knows to turn and smile any time a person has a camera! I was laughing today at the table, he kept turning and smiling saying CHEESE!

Both of the kids were on good behavior, but it was a long day for them. We had a good day, good food, and definitely good company! I wish wifey could have been there, but it was her weekend to work, so she missed this time, but hopefully next time she’ll be there.

So my birthday is around the corner and I’m thinking about cake and what kind of cake I want, I know I am going to do another butterfly cake and the niece is going to help me decorate it which is EXCITING!! I mean a 3 year old pastry chef is AWESOME! I couldn’t ask for a better helper! In all honesty the niece does know her way around a kitchen. We are working on helping her with her cooking skills under adult supervision obviously, but I want her to be adventurous in the kitchen and learn new skills because she enjoys it so much.

I also need to decide what meal I want to go with my birthday the traditional is eggplant parmesan which is probably what we are going to have with gluten free crackers since we are gluten free now. I am looking forward to my birthday to celebrate with family, to celebrate with the wifey to celebrate one more year of being me. Silly, goofy me, yeah things definitely were crazy scary at points this year, but guess what I got through them, I got the scars to prove it! Life is good. I think you just need to sit back and remember life is good. Even when everything is falling around you, or you feel like that take a deep breath and remember what is most important you are still breathing, as long as you are still breathing, life is good.



Normally I am not one for sour candy. Last Easter Mom bought a bag of these and I got to try them and I LOVED them…I think I loved them a bit TOO much. So when I saw them THIS year, we bought a bag.


I ate the WHOLE bag right before bedtime. In that little bag there are 7 servings….each serving has 25 grams of sugar….I have the mentality of a 4 and half year old…. so 175 grams of sugar with the mentality of a 4 and half year old right before bed equals….


I laughed, I giggled, I snorted, I laughed because I snorted, I was crying from laughing, I thought I was the funniest person in the entire room….my wife who was trying to sleep did not find my uncontrolled laughter so funny. So she’s pleading with me to stop laughing and go to bed, I’m trying to stop laughing, but the more I try to stop the more I laugh. The more I laugh the funnier things start to become. All I can think is good thing I haven’t had caffeine! Caffeine would not be a good addition to this mix right now! I was laughing and laughing and she just wanted me to STOP. I finally did stop and we went to sleep, but needless to say she said no more bunny gummies and I made puppy eyes to plead my case, but of course that made me laugh which then confirmed her NO MORE!!

Oh well there is always next year…maybe she will have forgotten about me eating the whole bag in one sitting and laughing uncontrollably….maybe…..

Windy City

So apparently there is a squall which is just a fancy word for LOTS OF LOUD WIND!!! I woke up this morning to branches and gumballs hitting the roof and window. I would blame my internal clock but this time it was Mother Nature that wanted me up at 7am. I’m so glad that Mother Nature and my Internal Clock were in cahoots! I got up and made my coffee and actually spent some time watching the wind blow the trees outside the window it was actually quite beautiful since I was inside and not outside being hit by the flying objects. Every so often there would be a quiet lull in the squall and I would sip my coffee and everything was at peace and Creme would decide to rub against my leg and MEOW just at that moment, like really cat?? Do you not understand everything else is at peace? Actually I think she does! I think she did it because she knew everything was at peace and it was her one chance to distract me from my liquid cup of gold.

I really do enjoy drinking my cup of coffee in the morning. There is something about holding that warm cup in your hands and sipping it softly that is magical. Since I get up before the wifey those are my quiet moments before I’m making her breakfast and packing her lunch. Those moments before the hustle of her day get going and then things slow down for the rest of my day. This week Mom had left me a couple of oranges so I had cut up and put a piece of orange in her tea infuser and she learned she really enjoys orange infused with her tea. So I told her we’ll have to buy more oranges so we can make that happen more often for her. For Christmas Mom and Dad bought her a glass tea cup with a built in-infuser which is really cool. The cup opens on both ends which I have gotten used to making sure that the bottom is closed tightly before pouring boiling water in the cup. But I think it’s pretty awesome you can infuses your tea. Wifey prefers the glass tea cups and over the summer the ones she had been using broke which was very sad, so she was very happy to get a new one for Christmas.

Which brings us to how could I ever marry a tea drinker?? I know I know, but she couldn’t be perfect? I mean there had to be one tiny fault with her and I can live with that she is a tea drinker, we can’t all be coffee drinkers! She’s perfect for me in every other way so that makes up for it!

They are saying we might get more snow, I have to say I’m kind of over the whole snow thing, we got a nice snowfall now let’s move on to spring! I’m good with that! I want warmer weather, my knees have been hurting a lot more and I think its probably due to the colder temperatures. So squalls, flying gumballs, cold temperatures and snow you can go. BYE!!!

Internal Clock Snooze button?

So for quite some time I only slept 7.5 hours. Now that wasn’t sound sleep, that wasn’t continuous sleep, but I would go to bed and I would wake up 7.5 hours from the time I went to bed. Didn’t matter what time I went to bed that’s when I would wake up (if no artificial alarm was set). So now that I am not working it seems that my internal clock has given me an extra 30 minutes since my blood clot issue. So apparently when you face off with death you get 30 extra minutes of sleep…HOWEVER I really don’t want to have to be that close to death every time I want some extra ZZZs I mean that was a really traumatic experience for my whole family for me to get a little extra rest.

So while I am really grateful that I seem to be getting 30 extra minutes of sleep yesterday I had to go to the doctor to discuss the whole Yeti in the bathtub situation and since I knew he would do blood work I didn’t make coffee so it would be fasting blood work. My appointment was early in the morning so that made it easier to fast. Well by the time I did the doctor’s appointment and got the blood work and then ate brunch it was too late for a cup of joe and not thinking about that I hadn’t had my daily dose of caffeine I had lemonade with lunch. I don’t drink soda because it taste funny because of one of the medications I am on, however if I had been thinking about the lack of caffeine in my life I would have drank a small amount of caffeinated soda just to give myself something and then drank the lemonade. I had thought about drinking tea, but due to the blood thinners I have to be careful about drinking green tea.

So much of my life right now is dictated by medical conditions and medication. I can’t eat this because of medication, I can’t do this because of medical condition but it doesn’t get me down..well most days! I really do try and focus on the positives. I try and focus on the stuff I still can do. I try and focus on the stuff I can change. I think of the Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


I can accept that there are a lot of medical issues going on right now, I am working on losing weight to help improve my health (changing what I can), I am taking the medicines to help control the symptoms and going to all the medical appointments and know that I am not a doctor…not even on TV.