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Verdict is in!

So I got a call from the doctor’s office about the blood work. So let’s re-cap really quick what the 3 ideas were about the Yeti in the tub were

  1. Blood thinner/Medication Side effect
  2. Thyroid issue
  3. Hereditary issue

So the doctor was leaning towards option 1 I was leaning towards option 2.


I have a thyroid condition that I am familiar with because my sister Karen had it. The condition is called Hashimoto’s Disease. You can read about it here. My sister had Hashimoto’s disease. She had to take medication for it, have her labs checked. I have to have my labs checked again in 3 months, but as of right now my thyroid has not been compromised which is good. I will say the news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was hoping I was wrong I really was because somehow hearing that the medication was to blame was going to be easier to handle. Hearing that my body is attacking itself is a lot harder somehow.

I do know that God is still in control and all is well. This might be a shock to me right now, but I am a fighter and I will keep on keepin’ on!