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Okay fess up who doesn’t like a good NAP? I mean I really think the Spanish have it right with siestas in the afternoon! Take a nap go back to work, you feel refreshed! As a child I stopped napping at 6 months which my poor Mom had to put up with, as an adult I take a nap about everyday now…I think I am making up for lost time…sorry Mom! My Mom really is a saint! She takes me to my appointments, helps with taking me to do odd errands like going to the bank, post office etc. When she jokes about that I am her full time job she’s not kidding!

I am really grateful for my Mom and how much help she has been these last couple of years with getting me to these appointments. I don’t know where I would be without her. It’s been nice to spend some extra time with her. Of course when we spend all this extra time it doesn’t feel like quality time because its always around medical appointments. I am seeing this doctor or that doctor, I’m getting this or that test run. So every once in awhile she and I will pick a day and just go out. We’ll spend some quality time together that is not around some medical appointment or procedure.

I know that my whole life is not going to be based around doctor visits and medical testing but right now that’s what it feels like and it’s exhausting! I have all these pills to take, all these blood draws and tests plus physical therapy. I’m always at this doctor or that’s office for some sort of check up. I have this test or that test coming up. My calendar is already filling up for December and we haven’t even hit September yet… life of anyone with a chronic illness!

Rockette in training…

So I am having BAD leg spasms tonight and I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! God is training me to be a ROCKETTE! I am tall enough to be a Rockette. I need to lose weight, but we’re working on that, so all these leg spasms are just training my legs to kick REALLY FAST AND HIGH!

Now forget that I can’t stand for any length of time, I can’t sit for long periods of time, I have a laundry list of medical problems, etc. This is OBVIOUSLY THE ANSWER! Maybe I was a Rockette in a previous life! Maybe my legs are finally tired of living the boring life of chronic illness and they want to let their true passion SHINE! OKAY OKAY I can hear the laughter from here!

Tonight is painful, aggravating and I just needed a laugh, so I’m laughing, are you? I hope so! I had a long day, good day, but long day and now my leg is spasming, just the right one, the left seems to be fine..so it’s kicking when I am in certain positions which is OH SO MUCH FUN!!! At least sitting with the laptop in my lap doesn’t seem to bother it… *fingers crossed*

I sometimes think about what I could be doing right now if I had better health and the list really is endless usually it is in the education field somewhere working with children, but every once in awhile I get some crazy idea about being a Rockette or a Stand Up Comedian or some other job. There are lots of fun jobs out there healthy people can pick whatever they choose!

Dueling Potassium

Frustrated does not even begin to tell you how I feel right now. If I was a cartoon character my face would be bright red and steam would be gushing from my ears. I got a phone call at 7:45am from the doctor’s office and my first thought was this can’t be good. I pick up and the nurse asked for me, I affirm that she is speaking to me. She informs me that my potassium levels have dropped. EXCUSE ME??!!!!! I try to stay calm on the phone because it’s not her fault, it’s not really my fault either. So she tells me the doctor wants me to temporarily stop one of my medications in hopes that helps bring the potassium levels back up into normal range. I confirm with her that he still wants me taking the certain dosage of potassium supplement daily which he does and then he wants me to repeat the lab work in two weeks. Peachy…..NOT!!!!

I want to cry. I want to give up. This is the part of chronic illness that I HATE! There are certain parts that you can fight the good fight, and there are others that no matter what you do you feel like you are fighting a losing battle. Right now I feel like I am losing an impossible fight. I have been eating lots of potassium rich foods (which when your potassium is this low the supplements are really the better help in bringing it back up), and I am trying very hard to do anything and everything I can to get it back into a normal range because of the LEG SPASMS. They hurt. I do not like them!

So we will stop this medication and see what happens and either my potassium will go back to a normal range and the doctor will be right it was the medication or my potassium will not go back into a normal range and I will be right that it’s something else to which he will have to run more tests, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. So in the meanwhile I will continue to eat potassium rich foods, take the supplements as directed and hope for the best because honestly my potassium levels need to go back up in normal range.


For anyone with chronic pain you get to this point where you just want to fire whatever hurts. Yesterday my right leg was spasming so badly that I wanted to just remove it, put it in the corner for awhile let it do it’s own thing and then when it was done pick it back up. It hurt so badly I wanted to cry. Crying doesn’t help however. It makes me just feel worthless. I feel powerless over the pain, the cramping, the spasm. I just watched as my leg seemed to have a life of it’s own. I tried massaging it, I tried taking my knee brace off hoping for some kind of relief. I even tried heat, ice and any other trick that I have ever used for relief, but nothing was working yesterday. I felt totally powerless over my right leg.

So I was venting about how I just wanted to fire it. I just wanted to look at my right leg tell it YOU’RE FIRED! You cannot hold up your end of the deal, sorry I will have to have you replaced. If you wish to reapply once you get your act together you may, but for now you are terminated. I had this picture of Donald Trump and the TV show Apprentice in my head where he fires people. It did make me giggle. The leg spasms are so frustrating to me because they have been going on since 2013 and I think right now it’s a combination of the low potassium (which I have to get my blood re-checked later this week) and the back damage. If the potassium is still low I might lose my mind. 1 pill it’s low, 2 pills it’s low, and then 3 pills it’s still low? You’ve got to be kidding me! If on 3 pills it’s still low we’ve got to try something else because I’m not going to keep taking more and more potassium pills hoping it goes up. I’ve been eating potassium rich foods like they are going out of style, but the most recent leg spasms are making me think the potassium is still low.

Evil Eye

So if you have been following along you will know that I am rather bitter about having to take 3 potassium supplement pills a day right now. I was on 1 pill a day at the beginning of March, but when I got my one way ticket to the ER (thanks to my fabulous cardiologist) we found out my potassium levels are low. So when I went to my PCP to talk about my ER visit he raised the supplement to 2 tabs a day with follow-up blood work in 1 week. I did the follow up blood work and my potassium levels are the SAME!! So now I am on 3 pills a day….needless to say I am a bit cranky about this…so I told the nurse very politely that I would need a new script which I thought he had done, but they didn’t give me at the pharmacy when I picked up meds last week. So she said let me call them and talk to them. SURE!! I mean that makes my life a LOT easier!!! So she talks to them and tells them they have to fill it, so it got filled ASAP! Power of persuasion! So she gets back on the line tells me that since I had just had it filled that’s why they didn’t fill it, and I told her I understood that part, but with taking 2 and now having to take 3 pills, I was going to run out a lot faster than my original taking 1 pill a day. So we got that all squared away.

So last night I go to pick it up…Now mind you it’s late, I’ve had physical therapy already so I’m a bit punchy at this point….

*Up walks way to perky sales associate*

Me- I’m here to pick up a prescription for *insert information*

Sales associate (SA)-Okay can I have your date of birth?


SA-Okay let me get that for you!

*goes gets the prescription comes back*

SA-Do you have any questions for the pharmicist?

Me-Nope I’ve been taking these long enough and at the rate I’m going I’ll be taking a bunch more because the stupid potassium level won’t go up so now I’m on 3 pills a day!

SA- Umm….this say to take 2 pills a day…

Me- *laughs* Yeah that was before he got the blood work back! See I was on 1 pill a day and my level was *insert number* then he told me to take 2 pills a day and wrote that script and told me to get my blood checked and it’s still *insert number* so now we’re up to 3 pills a day! YAY ME! I feel like I won the lotto! So I have to get my blood checked again, so if it doesn’t go up I’ll be seeing you again soon for more! *insert more laughing*

SA- Well let’s hope that this does the trick.

So I smile sweetly thinking chica you have no clue, you have no clue. I really am sick of this potassium CRAP!!

Internal clock…I hate you!

So this was yesterday in a nutshell…I went to routine cardiologist appointment I get one way ticket to ER, I spend 9 hours in the ER before they decide I can go home, I go to bed around 1am, my body wakes up at 7am like usual……internal clock…I HATE YOU!!!!

Next month will be 6 months since I had my saddle pulmonary embolism and I need to have a repeat echocardiogram to see if my heart is back to normal size. So I had made an appointment with my cardiologist for this week before the chest pains started on Monday. So I went over everything with him. My EKG that they did in his office was normal, but the chest pains plus other symptoms he wanted to rule out another blood clot. I understood the reasoning because every time he asked me do you have this symptom it was yes, BUT…. so he said chest CT to rule out blood clot today.

So we went to the ER they took over an hour to even take me back to triage. I had another repeat EKG which was normal, they ordered the CT. They put me back out in the very full waiting room. So I finally went back after waiting for about 5 hours and they had an incoming trauma, so they had to wait for that to clear before doing the CT. So I waited some more. Which trust me when I say I totally get that waiting. I was stable and I would much rather wait for someone in a life or death situation because that was me almost 6 months ago! So we got the CT and then the doctor came back told me it was normal but now he was calling my cardiologist to find out if I needed to be admitted for more testing. Oh geez! In the notes he gave the charge nurse (and I know this because I was standing right next to him when he gave them to her) he said he just needed me cleared of a blood clot, then I was free to go. So I say okay, and we waited another hour for me to be discharged to follow up with the cardiologist. So I spent 9 hours in the ER.

Wifey laughed about only I could go in for a routine doctor’s appointment and end up with a 9 hour ER visit. At least I got a normal CT out of the deal! That should count for something….rigght? So I have more cardiac testing in my near future. I really need a punch card, I want something free! I am really happy that all my doctors are working to keep me healthy because I plan on living a LONG life. I mean I have a lot of goals to work on like farting on que. Yup I just said it! I tease the wifey ALL the time about that I am going to learn to fart on que so I can fart on her whenever I want! I haven’t quite mastered that skill yet, so I’m still working on it.


I used to have this wicked (as in AWFUL) leg spasms. Then I had surgery and they got better, we were hoping the surgery would make them disappear. Part of the reason I don’t drive is because my legs spasm. I don’t want to risk hitting the gas or break due to a leg spasm. Well last night my legs had a mind of their own apparently! They were kicking ALL NIGHT LONG! At 6am they jerked so bad I lifted off the bed! I then raised the proverbial white flag and just got up. I couldn’t take it any longer. I think that is one of the things that drives me the most crazy.

It’s funny (not really in the haha sense) that the spasms is what gets me the most. The pain I have learned to deal with, the fact that I can’t drive right now I have learned to deal with, but the spasms makes me want to crawl the walls. I think its because they a) HURT it feels like something is crawling in the muscles deep until they spasm sometimes, not always and b) are unpredictable sometimes they spasm suddenly. They can be quick or long. Sometimes I shake, sometimes I jump, and sometimes its a combination. This morning was rather impressive I have to admit, the fact that it was so violent that both legs spasmed at the same time and I lifted OFF the bed, was impressive, I was not amused, but it was impressive.

I hope everything calms down today because I do not want to continue to have these massive spasms. I want my legs to behave but since the rest of me rarely behaves…I am often heard to say I solemnly swear I am up to no good.. I like to keep everyone on their toes! I think it makes people wonder what I am up to, and helps make seems more mysterious. Thin veil of mystery, woman in red, you know I try at least not to be too much of an open book but sometimes I just can’t help myself!

So hopefully we can get some of this stuff figured out, get the leg spasms to stop because I only have so many white flags I can raise and then I’m going to RUN OUT, and that would just be sad and I don’t want to be sad! I much prefer to LAUGH, laughter is the best medicine!

About that duck tape…

So a couple of days ago I joked about maybe I just need a little duck tape…..


So maybe it isn’t duck tape, it is kinesiology therapeutic tape (so please don’t try using duck tape!!) that works with your muscles to massage the muscle groups to promote blood flow and improve the healing. There is a proper way of applying the tape, so my physical therapist applied the tape to my knee to pull my kneecap back into place. He is hoping that by pulling it back to were it is supposed to sit and then helping the muscles strengthen the next couple of weeks in physical therapy we can avoid knee surgery. Which I am hoping too! I did have to laugh after I wrote about needed a little duck tape and then being taped back together! Oh the irony!


I also saw my pain management group we decided to keep the course of treatment there and she told me the pain cream pharmacy and them had cut ties. Then I get home and I have a letter from the pharmacy saying they have closed. I laughed and go oh there must be more to THAT story!! She did tell me when I need a refill to let her know and she will write it through the knew pharmacy they are using which is fine, I’m not using it how I was because of the spinal cord stimulator.

So the leg spasms seem to be coming back…BOOO!!!! Which I told my wife it’s about the right timing for them to be coming back. UNFORTUNATELY. Last time I had back surgery they went away for about 6 months and I thought they were gone and then they came back. I’m at 5 months post op from the back surgery and I’m starting to get the leg spasms again, which I’m not real happy about their return. I was really hoping since the bone was FINALLY growing they would be gone for GOOD this time. Of course it was pretty funny last night we were all curled up I was just about asleep and my leg spasmed, jerked my whole body and scared the bejeezus out of me and the wifey. I decided maybe it was time to go to sleep before I accidentally headbutted her and gave her a concussion or something….Could you imagine that ER visit how did you get a concussion? Well my wife’s leg spasmed and her head jerked and hit my head and it went into our solid wood headboard…. yeah not so cute! Of course I’m sure they have heard weirder…or maybe not…..