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$40 Chair

I had physical therapy yesterday which isn’t anything new. I have been going weekly for months now. We have been working on strengthening my legs, and the muscles surrounding my knees because my knees are crap! When I am in the office I don’t have my braces on, so I look really normal. I also don’t have my stimulator on so that I can feel if the exercises are bothering my knees/legs. If I have the stimulator program running then it is disrupting the pain signals coming from my low back and legs which is not helpful when I am doing physical therapy on my legs.

So I went to sit outside my doctor’s office and there was a gentleman waiting to speak to the doctor. He engaged me in conversation this way…

Him- “This chair will cost you $40”

Me- laughs “You are charging the WRONG patient! I haven’t worked in years and I’m disabled and possibly won’t work again!”

Him- slight confused look on his face “But I saw you walk over here, and you look like you walk just fine…”

Me- laughs “Well I am one of those looks are deceiving kind of people. Last year I was told by 3 medical doctors that I should be dead because I got a saddle pulmonary embolism after surgery. One doctor told me I should be on medical mysteries because he’s not sure how I survived it. I’ve had 3 surgeries in 2 years and I’m about to have another surgery in August to have my neck fused because it’s bone on bone.”

Him- “So the neck…I guess that’s painful…”

Me- “Very painful. I get migraines multiple times a week.”

Him- “Hmm I guess you have more going on than meets the eye.”

Me- “Yeah and I’m here for my knees!”

Him- “WHAT? You’re not even here for the neck?”

Me- “Nope…I am currently here because I have MCL sprains on both knees and I have no ACL in this knee.”

Him-“Okay I guess I won’t charge you $40 then……”

He gets up and walks off

The funny part about all this was I had just said to the tech that for everything that is wrong with me I do walk well. I mean seriously! I know that a lot of it is all the physical therapy, all the stretching that I do at home, I do work hard to be able to walk. Walk in a straight line I do not, but hey I can’t be perfect!

Now this guy was not trying to be mean, he was really trying to be funny, he just got more than he bargained for! Because if you look at me especially without the braces on you really have no idea. With 2 knee braces on you have some idea that I have some knee issues, but still that doesn’t clue you into the back. When I have to check in, I have 12 tabs on a normal basis because each part of my body that is injured/hurts is a tab. Sometimes I have more because if I have something extra that hurts I have to add it, but I have 12 tabs that I have to fill out info on a normal day. And I know you are thinking WOW!! Yeah, that’s my life with chronic pain and yes it goes from my ankle all the way up to my neck and both sides of the body, so it’s not so fun. I try to keep a good sense of humor because I need something to escape all this pain!

Upright..sort of…

1 knee…2 knees..1 brace…2 braces…up, down…all around. So I had the appointment about the sprained knee and the good news is it does not appear that I tore the meniscus. It looks like I have an MCL sprain in the LEFT knee to match the MCL sprain in the RIGHT knee. Well at least I MATCH…at least I am consistent. I cried. I am in pain, I don’t know what else to do. I had my knee braced and I still sprained it. Doc told me to just keep what I am doing keep both knees braced, keep in physical therapy and he will see me in another six weeks.

When I walked into the office I was losing my balance which isn’t anything new. I have balance issues some of it is physical, some of it is neurological. So the nurses behind the desk asked if I needed a wheelchair and I told them no and explained that some of this was physical from me spraining my knee last week and some of it was neurological and as long as I keep a sense of grounding I should be okay. Which I love people’s facial expressions because there are microburst that you can’t control as well and you could see the gears turning as they are trying to decide if someone who just readily admitted to neurological issues should be trusted to stand on their own two feet.

Which at this point I probably should be wrapped in bubbled wrap for my own protection. I can have a “FRAGILE” sticker places on my butt and you might have to special order the helmet since I have a big head..I mean size wise…yeah I know ego too, but seriously we have a heck of a time finding hats that will fit my BIG head.

Anything that will ward off another injury because I am just sick and tired of being broken.