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Cat is at it again


So I’ve talked about Creme the cat before and this cute mouthy feline is at it again! I was out-of-town over the weekend for a conference and so she was allowed to sit in my seat…well now I want my seat back. I know how DARE I..So today I get up to make my lunch and she decides that would be a good time to claim what she felt was rightfully hers….and that is when the fight began. So I come back and my seat was taken by the cat so I tell her to get down, so she meows playfully and rolls on her tummy. I tell her to get down again and she paws at me playfully. So I sit on the edge of the seat, now she decides that is an open invitation to sit ON my lap…I really should know better by now, but I got a lap full of cat. She head butted me and purred so loud I think our neighbors might have heard her.

So she fell asleep on my lap because I decided that I was just going to lose the battle, but win the war. I let her sit on my lap for a while and then when I went to grab my laptop she got mad at me and ran off to go plot my death because that was the last straw. We all know she likes to figure out how she is going to plot my demise..however every time I leave her for a weekend when I come back she is glued to my side so maybe I’m starting to warm up to her. Maybe at the last second she’ll decide to pardon me! I might have a chance after all!

Spoiled kitty!

Creme (the cat) is spoiled rotten. We all know this, we all accept this, we all accept that we have played a role in her becoming this way. This morning I was in the bathroom giving myself a blood thinner shot in front of the bathroom mirror and she decided that she wanted fresh water from the sink.


Well I was using the mirror so I was not so happy when she jumped up on the sink and then tried to nuzzle the hand that was busy giving myself the blood thinner shot! NO KITTY! GET DOWN CREME! MOMMY IS BUSY!! She was not happy that I was upset because a) all she wanted was some love b) all she wanted was some fresh water from the sink c) she did nothing wrong. So she hopped down with a disgruntled meow and laid in the kitchen floor glaring at me as I finished my shot. She wanted to make sure that I knew of her displeasure at being kicked out of the bathroom.

I realize that she doesn’t understand that I had a sharp object in my hand and her nuzzling my hand was not good for me, but sometimes you just gotta do what is good for you. She’ll get fresh water later. The Earth does not revolve around her, much to her dismay. I now know why the Egyptians worshiped cats, I mean any cat owner I think understands when they glare at you…you know they mean business!

Creme will be 9 this year so she is starting to get up there in age, but she is a happy cat with quite the personality. She definitely makes her presence known to us! She also makes sure that I am well taken care of in my recovery period after surgery. Creme who is not normally a lap cat becomes more of a lap cat right after I’ve had surgery and you can often find her curled up beside me on the couch. She definitely enjoys my company whether she will admit that or not I can’t say, but she definitely does enjoy being around me.


58 ounces of liquid…..

So if you have read about my pets you know that I own a cat. A very special rescue cat, but a cat….so let me back up for a moment to let you know that I am sleep deprived today (this will be important in a moment). I went to bed around 11pm, I was up briefly at 1:30am to hear about how wifey was having trouble sleeping, then I got up at 5:30am which has been the norm this week (more on the internal clock saga LATER). So back to Creme the cat…so Creme likes to chew on plastic she doesn’t eat the plastic just chew on it (which yes I know isn’t healthy and trust me when I tell you we have been trying to correct this behavior for years now), so she’s sitting beside me and there is a plastic bag also sitting on the loveseat and she is chewing on it. I tell her to stop, she stops temporarily, and then as soon as she thinks I’m not paying attention she tries again. So I think I will go feed her early, normally I don’t feed her until 7am, but since she is chewing on the plastic maybe this will encourage her to stop.

THIS WAS MY MISTAKE! Remember I am sleep deprived…I have not had my cup of coffee yet. I have had breakfast I have make it that far in the morning routine, the coffee is made, but I have not made it back into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. So I pour too much food into her bowl because I am sleep deprived and overshot how much to pour in the bowl, then walking out out I trip over her water bowl. So we have one of those self-water type of bowls for her that holds like 50oz of liquid..it flips over on its side (of course), I stumble like a drunk out of the bar at 2:30am. I try to regain my balance without dislocating something and/or breaking something, turn around slowly and put her water bowl upright again but not before 48oz of water has now poured on the floor. All I can think is how fast does that thing empty? I mean it was on the floor for like 30 seconds??!!! I know I’m slow but GEEZ!

So now I am getting a towel to clean up the water that I have no gloriously poured all over the floor. I am carefully cleaning that up, Creme of course is just looking at me like that was MY WATER how DARE YOU! Oh give it a rest cat! You prefer fresh water! I tried to give her my best teacher face to make her go away, but it didn’t work. So as I am cleaning it up I swear the water is multiplying, and growing and becoming a bigger puddle, so the first towel is now drenched, so I get a second towel and that towel is now drenched and I’m thinking if I don’t get it cleaned up with a 3rd towel I’m calling Mary Poppins! I mean it was just her water bowl and I’m pretty sure there shouldn’t be this much water from one little bowl!

I also think Creme was secretly laughing at me because of everything. I wouldn’t be surprised they say that cats take after their owners and wifey laughs at me all the time! So I FINALLY get all the water cleaned up after what feels like Noah’s flood! So then I know I need to get a cup of coffee to not pass go do not collect $200! So I get my cup, I start to pour the cup of coffee and I miss and pour it on my shirt….WOW! Did I mention that I am sleep deprived today? So I try again a little more carefully and I made it IN the cup this go round. So now I am working on drinking my coffee but I promise a nap is in my future!

Helpful pets….

So it’s been raining which means I think every joint in my body HURTS! I have snap, crackled and popped more than a bowl of cereal with freshly poured milk. So I have been trying to take it easy for the most part. There is a fine line when I hurt this much because I don’t want to just sit on the couch because that just causes everything to lock up, but I don’t want to move too much because that just inflames already aggravated joints. So I have to move and try to gently stretch everything, without going overboard.

Animals as we know can sense when we are in pain, which I feel bad for our cat and rabbit because I’m always in pain so they pretty much get a daily report “Human in pain!” However they have decided to try and be helpful by feeding themselves… You see the other day we bought the cat a new 11lb bag of grain free cat food because she is a princess (shhh don’t tell her that!) and she has a super sensitive stomach and she only eats ONE BRAND OF FOOD, so it was on sale so we bought the BIG bag of food. We have 2 plastic cereal containers (okay that’s what most people put in them, we put cat food in them) that we dump the food into because that way it’s not too heavy for me to manage. Well Creme being the loving, caring, gluttonous cat that she is….tried to eat her way INTO the bag….oh yeah! She had food in her bowl, but you know the stuff IN the bag OBVIOUSLY tastes BETTER than the stuff that is readily available to her! I mean who doesn’t like a good CHALLENGE!

*Insert eye roll* So I am sitting on my computer, wifey has already gone to bed and I hear this strange, but somewhat familiar noise (yes ladies and gentlemen she has done this before). So I look to my left at her chair- it’s only her chair because it’s COVERED in cat hair and no sane human would sit in it now. No Creme, I look over by the garage door and she’s not there, and then I realize what the sound is that I am hearing and I look towards the food bag, there is my beautiful cat gnawing at the bag trying to gain access! So I yell at her, secretly hoping I can wake up the wife to make her dump the food so I don’t have to mess with it, no such luck! So I pull the bag, the two containers and dump it much to the disappointed of my OBVIOUSLY STARVING cat (to which I want to remind you she HAS FOOD IN HER BOWL).

So if this isn’t BAD ENOUGH, there was a bag of hay sitting on a stool near Otis’ cage. For those of you who need to be reminded Otis’ is the rabbit who lives in our living room. Yes we let him live in the living room so he feels part of the family! He decides that if the cat can help herself to cat food he should see if he can climb OUT OF THE CAGE and get the hay! What a BRILLIANT IDEA! So he is able to climb high enough (the top of the cage is off because normally this is NOT a problem…..) to pull the bag INTO the cage! He starts nibbling at the packaging to get the hay and helping HIMSELF! Luckily for him the plastic bag for his hay is a LOT thinner than the packaging on the cat food so he destroyed the plastic bag in no time.

Ahhh helpful animals. How my life would be incomplete without you…just next time can you please eat what you have verses helping yourself? *Yes he had food AND hay in his cage as well, but obviously that makes no difference when you can help yourself!*

Weirdo Cat and Easter Bunny

Another big holiday today and I woke up multiple times in pain. The pollen is out in full force so the allergies are starting to kick up, I think part of that is we had the windows open to air out the house a bit yesterday. Our weirdo cat got to sit in the window sill and look outside for a bit.


She likes to look at all the birds she doesn’t get to eat for dinner…I mean she is a cat after all! She also looks at the squirrels and anything else that might go past the window. Wifey is working on making a prayer/meditation space in the office, so she was moving furniture around. I cannot help her since I have some damage to my spine and cannot lift anything. She is making progress. I know it will be awesome when it is all finished.

So we are having family over for Easter and I am tired before we even start which isn’t that usual for me. I did not sleep very well last night. Wifey and I were discussing the sleep function on the Fitbit® and I said to her I don’t want to wear one because I really don’t want to know how little I sleep. I already get the apnea report in the morning, and sometimes I cry over that. I don’t need another measure of how crappy my sleep is right now due to the pain, and fibromyalgia. I also keep cracking my neck right now which if you are just joining us my C5 and C6 are bone on bone and I am getting those fused this summer. We are waiting to get cardiac testing done and some clearances before we make surgical plans in May for the surgery. I’ve had 3 major spinal surgeries and because of my saddle pulmonary emboli in October this one is going to be a pain in the butt because now I have to have a lot more of my specialist sign off.

So today is Easter the day that the Lord rose from the dead. We celebrate eternal life. I maybe in pain today but I’m happy to be spending time with family. I enjoy spending family time, and we have an Easter bunny! Otis my 6 year old bunny, loves Easter too, I mean how could he not? BUT that being said we do recognize the true meaning of this holiday. We are thankful for time with family, we rejoice in salvation and remember why Jesus died on the cross.

I hope that everyone has a very blessed day. I hope that everyone has a low pain to pain free day (if possible).

The cat is too cozy

Okay so I don’t know if it’s because my wife is snowed in at her brother’s house, the snow or the cat is up to no good…maybe its a combination of all 3. The cat has been cozying up to me and she has been laying with her head on my leg sleeping soundly. I think this might be to get close to me so she can kill me in my sleep. With the wife snowed in at her brother’s house I think the cat feels she has the opportunity to kill me without a witness. Actually I think the cat secretly misses my wife but she would never admit that so she has to be cozy.

I have been binge watching “Blue Bloods” on Netflix which has been good because that means I have been staying off my sprained knee. I am not good about following doctor’s orders but with about 2 feet of snow outside the door it’s been good to sit and rest for a bit. It’s hard to do, I am stubborn.

I will be glad when the wifey can make it home again. It’s way to quiet without her around. I miss the conversations. We’ve been texting and calling, but it’s not the same as being in the same room giving each other goofy glances. Me sticking my tongue out at her and singing show tunes. Oh yeah I can sing have I said that yet? I love to sing and write poetry. I enjoy the arts a lot growing up I was in band and played several musical instruments.


Stop sitting there!

So the cat and I are going to fight this morning! She keeps sitting on my wireless mouse, which means typing this right now has been a challenge…every time I get going really well she moves and my screen goes away because the mouse goes flying and the screen minimizes. REALLY! Can we please sit anywhere BUT on top of my mouse? It is not an egg it does not need to be kept warm, it will not hatch. I attempted to get a picture of her sitting on the mouse, but they were all too blurry. Of course the more I fussed at her the more she purred. Yup that’s what I said. The more I would go Creme come on please go lay down anywhere else in the house, she would purr and rub against me. I think she is trying to win me over for some cat hi-jinx later in the day… You never can tell with her. She’s sneaky! She also bites, so keep a close eye on her. Always watch her out of the corner of your eye like a teething 2 year old.

I know I am sick when I have to force myself to drink liquids. Normally I drink a lot of water every day. So far today I’ve only had 3 glasses and I’m looking at my glass like UGH water…..yeah I’m not feeling well. I’m sure I’ll also make some warm lemon and honey water later today to help soothe my throat and lemon and honey (it’s local honey) is good for its anti-bacterial properties. Hoping that wifey feels better today. I’m a little concerned I might have infected her as well. She wasn’t feeling too great yesterday. I am going to make sure she has some hot tea with lemon to go to work with her too.

So the cat wanted in the garage, she meowed and meowed to go in there, WHY??? NO CLUE! (Okay there is wet food in there she wanted, but she wasn’t getting wet food day, it’s dry food today). So I let her in the garage, and it’s cold in there, so I told her to go in there, well she’s smart so her tail was in the door frame so I couldn’t close it. So I told her all the way in so she jumped in and I closed the door. Then as I figured she meowed to come back in “Sorry no room in the Inn” wifey “You know she is going to blame me for this even though I had NOTHING to do with it, she will continue to LOVE on you, and think you are the BEE’S KNEES.” Me chuckling “Yup, pretty much!” So she stopped meowing temporarily, and then she started back up and of course I let her back in the house and I said as I opened the door “I’m sorry Miss, No room in the Inn” with a heavy Russian accent. Wifey just shook her head and laughed as she finished her oatmeal and got ready to leave.

The cat and I really do have this special relationship which is funny since she has only lived with me for about 3 years, but she’s been with Wifey since she was about 7 weeks old. Creme loves me more! I remember when we decided to move her over here. Wifey who obviously was girlfriend was spending a lot of time over here she was getting ready to move over here when her lease ran out while we decided were our relationship was going. I had grown up with cats, so I was fine having a cat running around the house. My sister was living with me, so she was fine with a cat running around the house. At first Creme wasn’t sure about her new environment, but it didn’t take long for Wifey to realize that Creme was very happy here. Once Creme approved Wifey knew that this would be long term.

Update: I will put a picture of the cat and you will just have to believe me that my mouse is under her. There was no good way of taking the picture were you could see the mouse!



So Wifey goes did you hear that? Nope sorry was in my own little world over here bombing my newsgroup with emojis and playing games. What? The cat…Creme sounds like she is coughing up a hairball in her sleep… Do you think she was having a nightmare? I mean do cats have nightmares like people do? Can you imagine that? I wonder if they have nightmares like ooh hairball the size of the sofa is chasing me around the house!! I’m out of wet food! I have to poop in the toilet! I mean seriously I’m sure there are lots of possible nightmare scenarios for a cat. No wet food, I can see the bottom of my bowl again, she bought 6 Christmas sweaters on clearance! I mean seriously!

Speaking of nightmares this morning I had this really weird dream that woke me up at 5:45am and all I can remember at the end is someone screamed LESBIANS!!! Now whether that was in the good way or the bad way I really can’t remember! I just remember waking up and looking at the green of the numbers on the clock and trying to decide do I get up now or do I try to sleep a bit longer and after laying in the bed for about 10 minutes I decided to just get up.

Some days you just don’t fight sleep you just get up and hope you can nap later in the day. I mean I’ve learned from the insomnia, sleep apnea and who knows what other undiagnosed sleep issues I have sometimes you just can’t win. Does still make me wonder about what cats dream about big balls of yarn, rolls of toilet paper, I mean there must be something right?

Spread a little Love

I was thinking about this today and I think we all need to stop. Stop right now. Stop and think of one person you haven’t spoken to for awhile pick up your phone and call them. If they don’t answer leave them this message “Hi this is *insert your name* I just wanted to say I was thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well.”

Tomorrow is a promise. I’ve said it before the morning of my massive blood clot I was feeling GREAT. I had no idea I would go from 60 to almost dead in a couple of hours. Not that I would have any real regrets besides you know not being alive to spend more time with wifey. I mean of course I don’t want to die no one wants to die when you got a lot to live for and trust me I got lots to live for. I have a smoking hot wife (no you cannot have her she’s married to me and I don’t share!), I have an adorable rabbit and then the cat. I was going to say cute cat, but yeah I didn’t want to be struck by lightening so I decided not to lie about the cat. I mean if you’ve been following along you already know I think the cat is out to get me so yeah… Actually it was funny I mean not funny at all that she bit the wifey for petting her and then I came over because she was meowing at me and she let me give her pets and she was all like “I love you!!!” I only laughed on the inside I promise.

We have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, etc. We have a good life. The wife gets to do her artwork when she can, she has a great job, life is good. Both sides of the family are close so we get to see them some members not as regularly as we should and we have made a resolution of sorts to try and visit family members more regularly. We told John and Earl we wanted to set up a monthly game night because that’s just fun!

So life is good. People are going crazy over the Powerball Lottery because it is now over $500 Millon, yes that is over half a BILLION dollars. I am wondering if anyone will win it tonight. Time will tell……

Fog, Tuna Fish and a duel

So when you have fibromyalgia which I am so lucky to have…*insert heavy sarcasm* there also comes with it what people refer to as fibro fog where your head feels foggy, you can’t keep your thoughts straight. I woke up this morning and I am between either a migraine or fibro fog or maybe a combination of both which makes me just want to sleep all day. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times because I was trying to watch the show “Galavant” and I kept missing parts, or I think I missed parts of the show…anyways I’m sitting here wanting to take another nap which is not really like me, but my head hurts and its foggy. I hate this feeling. Plus my chest still huts some thank you blood clot.

So I decided I wanted some tuna fish for lunch which is highly unlike me because overall I dislike fish, it’s too fishy tasting for me. Now I see everyone re-reading the first sentence of this paragraph going wait..she doesn’t like fish because it’s too fishy tasting yet she will eat tuna..yes I know I know people tell me all the time that’s fishy..I mean odd. There are just certain days that I decide that I want a tuna fish sandwich for lunch it’s not very often usually once a month at most. We make sure to keep a couple of cans of tuna on hand because my wife does like fish so she often will make herself fish and I will eat something else.

So I grab the cat of tuna and I open it and Creme comes running and she start meowing.

“No this is not cat food!” Meows more and rubs against my leg

“You have food, you are not hungry this is NOT cat food!” Meows even more excitedly as I move over to the counter after draining off the water to put the tuna in the bowl.

“Creme stop this is my lunch and NO you do not get any of it.” I swear if she could she would jump up on the counter and try to eat it out of my bowl, but she continues to meow as if that means I will give in and she will win this duel.

“Creme you have food, you are not starving. Go lay down!” She continues to do a figure 8 around my legs as I prepare my tuna fish for my sandwich it really wasn’t until I put it on the bread that she decided maybe I was being serious and she couldn’t have any. I did half expect her to jump on the arm of the love seat to inspect my lunch just to make sure it wasn’t for her.

Then I thought of all the times Nicco (other cat) would try to eat my food. I really had to watch him. This one time he thought he was going to be sneaky and crawled on the back of the love seat and he might have gotten away with it, but he stepped down on my shoulder..yeah dude I felt that! So I turned my head and he stepped back and sat on the back of the love seat like he was innocent. I just looked up and laughed a bit. You need to learn to be a little bit sneakier..wait what am I saying? I should not encourage this behavior! Ahhh I miss him! Every time we open tuna or salmon Creme tries to duel with us for the can, we win however. Advantage of being so much taller I guess!