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So Wifey goes did you hear that? Nope sorry was in my own little world over here bombing my newsgroup with emojis and playing games. What? The cat…Creme sounds like she is coughing up a hairball in her sleep… Do you think she was having a nightmare? I mean do cats have nightmares like people do? Can you imagine that? I wonder if they have nightmares like ooh hairball the size of the sofa is chasing me around the house!! I’m out of wet food! I have to poop in the toilet! I mean seriously I’m sure there are lots of possible nightmare scenarios for a cat. No wet food, I can see the bottom of my bowl again, she bought 6 Christmas sweaters on clearance! I mean seriously!

Speaking of nightmares this morning I had this really weird dream that woke me up at 5:45am and all I can remember at the end is someone screamed LESBIANS!!! Now whether that was in the good way or the bad way I really can’t remember! I just remember waking up and looking at the green of the numbers on the clock and trying to decide do I get up now or do I try to sleep a bit longer and after laying in the bed for about 10 minutes I decided to just get up.

Some days you just don’t fight sleep you just get up and hope you can nap later in the day. I mean I’ve learned from the insomnia, sleep apnea and who knows what other undiagnosed sleep issues I have sometimes you just can’t win. Does still make me wonder about what cats dream about big balls of yarn, rolls of toilet paper, I mean there must be something right?

Spread a little Love

I was thinking about this today and I think we all need to stop. Stop right now. Stop and think of one person you haven’t spoken to for awhile pick up your phone and call them. If they don’t answer leave them this message “Hi this is *insert your name* I just wanted to say I was thinking about you today. I hope you are doing well.”

Tomorrow is a promise. I’ve said it before the morning of my massive blood clot I was feeling GREAT. I had no idea I would go from 60 to almost dead in a couple of hours. Not that I would have any real regrets besides you know not being alive to spend more time with wifey. I mean of course I don’t want to die no one wants to die when you got a lot to live for and trust me I got lots to live for. I have a smoking hot wife (no you cannot have her she’s married to me and I don’t share!), I have an adorable rabbit and then the cat. I was going to say cute cat, but yeah I didn’t want to be struck by lightening so I decided not to lie about the cat. I mean if you’ve been following along you already know I think the cat is out to get me so yeah… Actually it was funny I mean not funny at all that she bit the wifey for petting her and then I came over because she was meowing at me and she let me give her pets and she was all like “I love you!!!” I only laughed on the inside I promise.

We have a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, etc. We have a good life. The wife gets to do her artwork when she can, she has a great job, life is good. Both sides of the family are close so we get to see them some members not as regularly as we should and we have made a resolution of sorts to try and visit family members more regularly. We told John and Earl we wanted to set up a monthly game night because that’s just fun!

So life is good. People are going crazy over the Powerball Lottery because it is now over $500 Millon, yes that is over half a BILLION dollars. I am wondering if anyone will win it tonight. Time will tell……

Fog, Tuna Fish and a duel

So when you have fibromyalgia which I am so lucky to have…*insert heavy sarcasm* there also comes with it what people refer to as fibro fog where your head feels foggy, you can’t keep your thoughts straight. I woke up this morning and I am between either a migraine or fibro fog or maybe a combination of both which makes me just want to sleep all day. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen asleep a couple of times because I was trying to watch the show “Galavant” and I kept missing parts, or I think I missed parts of the show…anyways I’m sitting here wanting to take another nap which is not really like me, but my head hurts and its foggy. I hate this feeling. Plus my chest still huts some thank you blood clot.

So I decided I wanted some tuna fish for lunch which is highly unlike me because overall I dislike fish, it’s too fishy tasting for me. Now I see everyone re-reading the first sentence of this paragraph going wait..she doesn’t like fish because it’s too fishy tasting yet she will eat tuna..yes I know I know people tell me all the time that’s fishy..I mean odd. There are just certain days that I decide that I want a tuna fish sandwich for lunch it’s not very often usually once a month at most. We make sure to keep a couple of cans of tuna on hand because my wife does like fish so she often will make herself fish and I will eat something else.

So I grab the cat of tuna and I open it and Creme comes running and she start meowing.

“No this is not cat food!” Meows more and rubs against my leg

“You have food, you are not hungry this is NOT cat food!” Meows even more excitedly as I move over to the counter after draining off the water to put the tuna in the bowl.

“Creme stop this is my lunch and NO you do not get any of it.” I swear if she could she would jump up on the counter and try to eat it out of my bowl, but she continues to meow as if that means I will give in and she will win this duel.

“Creme you have food, you are not starving. Go lay down!” She continues to do a figure 8 around my legs as I prepare my tuna fish for my sandwich it really wasn’t until I put it on the bread that she decided maybe I was being serious and she couldn’t have any. I did half expect her to jump on the arm of the love seat to inspect my lunch just to make sure it wasn’t for her.

Then I thought of all the times Nicco (other cat) would try to eat my food. I really had to watch him. This one time he thought he was going to be sneaky and crawled on the back of the love seat and he might have gotten away with it, but he stepped down on my shoulder..yeah dude I felt that! So I turned my head and he stepped back and sat on the back of the love seat like he was innocent. I just looked up and laughed a bit. You need to learn to be a little bit sneakier..wait what am I saying? I should not encourage this behavior! Ahhh I miss him! Every time we open tuna or salmon Creme tries to duel with us for the can, we win however. Advantage of being so much taller I guess!


This morning from the kitchen window as I drink my liquid gold…err coffee I can see the sunrise. The advantage of living in the trees is watching the red, yellow and orange sunbeams bounce magically off the trees as the sun begins her majestic rise in the East. I sit here with my warm coffee cup pressed against my chest so I can feel the warmth. The one thing that I will not miss once this blood clot is GONE is how cold it makes my chest.

So I’m standing trying to get a piece of morning zen trying to just enjoy life and here comes Creme rubbing on my leg singing me the song of her people. Where’s my food MOM?? I’m HUNGRY MOM! I’M STARVING MOM!! So I walk over to her bowl, there is still PLENTY of food in her bowl, you know what’s wrong? You can see the bottom of the bowl now..so being the good “Mom” that I am I shook it a little to cover the bottom and I looked back at her, see now you aren’t starving to death. This might be why she is secretly..not so secretly plotting my demise….This also might be why she and the rabbit are now in cahoots.

I have found since my near death experience I do take the time to just enjoy the sunrise more. I mean sure I would look at it previously but now I will actually stop and watch it. I think I have a better appreciation for it now. I think so often we are in such a rush to move on to the next thing that we forget to slow down, and I know that I often try to zip to the next thing and slowing down has not been easy. I have definitely learned to slow down with this blood clot.

If I had one piece of advice for anyone it would be to slow down once in awhile and just enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Just stop and watch it. Take a deep breath (or as deep as you can in my circumstance) and be present in the moment. We never know how many we will get. Trust me that morning in October I woke up feeling great actually. I was really wondering why in the world the doctor thought I had pneumonia, questioning the diagnosis, my world got flipped upside down real quick. Last night I was looking at wheelchairs online because walking in the big stores is killing my back, hips, legs, ankles, etc. Often especially on Saturdays the store use ones are gone or not charged, and I am seriously considering getting one for us to use for errands. The issue is ALL of them are too heavy for me to manipulate. I would have to have someone else lift it into the car, which since I don’t drive I always do, but I was surprised at how heavy they are. Now I used to take my friend places and I would put her wheelchair in my car so I have lifted on into a vehicle, but I guess I never thought about the weight of one before now. When you cannot lift over a certain weight you start thinking about stuff like that. There are a lot of things like that, before my back surgeries and the blood clot I wouldn’t have thought about/considered and now I think about it before I do something.

I think they are gaining up on me…

So I got up this morning and I was in the bathroom about to take a shower, and I hear one of the animals chewing plastic. OH GREAT!!! So I come out ready to start yelling at Creme (cat) because she has this really bad habit of chewing on plastic and she looks at me like hi Mom! So I look over to the rabbit cage and I see Otis chewing on his bag of food

“OH YOU CHEEKY MONKEY!!!!” WOW we’ve been watching a lot of British TV here recently!! Yesterday we watched I think 7 episodes of Broadchurch. Then I think about what I am seeing and I realize that the food bag was not close enough for him to grab it without some outside cage help…I think my animals are working together! So I look back over at the cat who is still playing the innocent card and I feed the rabbit. Now I should say the rabbit had plenty of hay in his cage, but he didn’t want hay he wanted the pellets that were in the bag that he has now chewed a huge hole in! Luckily it was the last bit in the bag so I just threw the bag away.

The funny part about the whole scenario is that Creme doesn’t care for Otis when he is hopping around outside the cage, but this is not the first time she has helped him when he is INSIDE the cage. I think there is a secret friendship she doesn’t want us to know about! So I have to keep a better eye on those two because we know she plots against me she might be getting the rabbits help when I don’t know about it…….


So most people play peak-a-boo with babies. I play peak-a-boo with the cat after my wife goes to bed…hahaha. Yeah so the cat will sit where wifey normally sits on the sofa and I will have a staring contest over the top of the laptop with Creme or we will do peak-a-boo using the laptop screen because that’s what we do. Earlier today I was on my cellphone trying to take a picture of the Walmart receipt so we could get back $6.00 on Ibotta and wifey was on her cellphone and it was that magical time of day that the sunbeams were coming through the window and hitting the screens and the light was bouncing off the ceiling and the living room walls and Creme was in heaven. Yup she was going to town trying to chase the beams of light while I was getting frustrated that my hands were shaking just enough that my pictures were blurry and due to the ink not being fresh the QR code wouldn’t scan. *First world problems I know* So I’m trying to steady my hands and take the pictures, I did get the receipt captured and we did get our $6.00! WOOT! I love Ibotta, we earned over $100 back last year on things we were already buying same with today’s purchases. They offer PayPal, Venmo or gift cards as payments which I like.

So I am sitting here playing with the cat and thinking to myself only other cat people would understand the enjoyment out of playing peak-a-boo with the cat. Wifey wants a dog, and I am not a dog person. Now I have nothing against dogs, dogs are lovely, I love all animals. I just rather have a cat or a rabbit or a hamster. Which she would not let me buy a hamster when we were at Petco today…or a Betta fish for that matter. Actually the Betta fish was one of those really impulsive LET’S DO THIS!!! And then my brain goes no let’s not be this impulsive and we have to do our shopping at Walmart still, so this needs to be a day when we are only going to Petco or Petco is the last stop. So maybe we’ll get a Betta Fish another day. So then I was like ohhh a hamster!! I love hamsters I had 4 when I was in college (all in separate cages) I had gotten my brother a pregnant hamster hence how I ended up with 4…lesson learned there!

Wifey said no to the hamster too today, which here again probably a good thing, I was being really impulsive and I needed to be reined in a bit. There are days when I get like that my brain goes way faster than anything else is going. So we walked out with the cat food, timothy hay and wooden chew blocks (for the rabbit not the cat obviously!).

Tonight I am SO sore. I overdid it in the walking department. We tried to keep things as short as possible but in any type of box store walking is just hard on my joints. I’m still not totally recovered from Christmas yet! But we did get all the shopping done and we got to Pizza Hut to try their Gluten Free Pizza. The waitress was awesome. There was this table in the back and the ladies were snooty, but eh some people in life just have sticks in their bums!

Speaking of gluten free I made Gluten Free Banana Strusel Quickbread off the Pillsbury website found here. It was DELICIOUS! OH MY GOODNESS AH-MAZ-ING!! The only slight change I made to it was I used vanilla yogurt (verses plain) just because we got a big container and I figured that a little vanilla flavoring would enhance it. I was really happy with the way it came out. It’s been hard with my back not baking as much, and with wifey being gluten free trying to find baked goods that taste good. So since she was here to help me and I had some bananas that were past their prime for eating raw, but perfect for banana bread we made this.


I have betrayed the cat. I have betrayed the cat because I gave her a flea bath today. It was like 75 today so it was plenty warm and she needed one, so I dunked her LOL, actually I used the kitchen sink because a) its higher and b) I can use the sprayer. So I gave the kitty meow meow a bath and she DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT!! So we got her clean, dried her off the best we could then we gave her more treats than we should have and she went to lay in her favorite chair to sulk! Oh well kitty, you are clean.

This evening she came and jumped up beside me so I would give her pets which means she loves me, but Jenna went to talk to her and she gave her the evil eye hahaha. That’s where it is so funny. I gave her the bath, but because it was Jenna’s idea to give her a flea bath Creme is mad at Jenna.