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The rain is falling EVERYWHERE!!

So we had over 4 inches of rain fall this month! CRAZY! I hope the gardens everywhere are SOAKING IT UP! I mean I want lots of fresh veggies at the local farmer’s markets, because someone should be benefiting from all this rain, rain and yeah MORE rain! The wifey planted a small garden for us and she has a few more plants to get in, but all this rain has made that a bit of a difficult task!

My knees have been rather swollen, I noticed last night they were about twice their normal size, they still have a nice click, click, click, if I was Dorthy I wouldn’t have to click my heels, my knees should do it! I could just close my eyes and bend my knees “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

I really am over being sore. I had to turn the spinal cord stimulator off for a bit earlier to give my stomach muscles a break. I have had my stimulator turned up higher than normal because I am in more pain, so my stomach muscles can feel the buzzing which normally they don’t. So I can only take that for so long and then I have to give them a break.

I do like the stimulator and I am glad that I have it, if only it covered my WHOLE back I would really be in business! I mean my upper back and lower back I wouldn’t complain. Actually they are working on a wireless one that can be put in to do other regions and I do believe they will be able to do neurocord stimulator all over the body in the next few years. So who knows maybe in the next 10 years I will have the ability to have it over my whole back….

For now I am going to enjoy the coverage on my low back and legs. Try to cover up the really annoying nerve pain in my feet and enjoy life because life is too short!

Life is good

Mother Nature needs to stop all this COLD WEATHER!!! I mean this morning my right arm and elbow hurts. It’s hard when you have so many chronic pain issues, fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome, etc. I woke up this morning and my elbow hurt! I mean really?! I think it’s probably a combination of the cold weather and the fact that I push up using my arm because of my back. It’s the same thing with my hips being out of alignment because my knees are in braces, when they pop then my hip tends to get out of alignment. I also tend to lean to one side when my back hurts. I try really hard to keep good posture because I do know how important it is, but I am human after all!

I straightened my knee out and I heard a really loud POP! Ah the joys of having knee caps that don’t want to stay PUT! I really wish they would however. Is it too much to ask for my body parts to stay where they are supposed to stay? I mean I shouldn’t have to say to the knee cap stay knee cap, stay..good knee cap! The physical therapy is helping, I know that it will take time to get all the muscle groups to be strong enough to take over for the knee, but it’s all good. I am upright and that’s all that matters.

It’s a good day when you get out of bed and you are upright, people who have been confined to a bed understand this gift. People who have back problems and have been confined to a bed understand this gift even more! Being stuck in a hospital bed and told you can’t get up or you will die definitely not a highlight of my life. I almost want to make a top ten list of things I really wish I hadn’t heard from a doctor and You should be dead would be number 1 for sure. Still can’t figure out why the doctor didn’t brace us for that news! I mean seriously!

I really want some heated blankets today it’s cold, wifey opened the door to the house to leave and a gust of arctic wind hit her and she was breathless. She was not expecting it to be that cold in April. The weather just has not been that cooperative. I just want warmer weather in hopes that my joints won’t hurt as badly. I mean I get that they hurt, but right now they hurt so badly I want to disown all of them one by one!

Four letter words stay away!!

List of my least favorite four letter words…

  • PAIN
  • SNOW
  • WORK
  • DIET

List of my favorite four letter words…NOPE not writing those out you’ll just have to guess!

So I told the physical therapist that the upcoming SNOW had me in a lot of PAIN and I wasn’t looking forward to all the WORK she was going to have me do today. She said oh you’re one of THOSE people. I said yeah, my face is tingling actually because I have a migraine due to all the changes in the atmosphere. LUCKY MEEEEE Actually physical therapy was good we did several different exercises to strengthen the leg muscles, several of them I remember from the LAST time I was in physical therapy. I also got a bit of retail therapy when we went to CVS and I got two bags of valentine’s clearance for 46 cents! I saved 99% I had not done anything like that for a long time, and only got to do it because Mom was there to help me. Helps when you have someone else to pick stuff up and price check for you.

Otis and Creme have both been driving me a bit nutso but I think its because of the SNOW that is coming. Otis keeps trying to chew on the wooden stool and Creme wants to do figure eights around my legs which is not kosher since I am stable but not that stable right now! I know they both just want their loving and we do spend a lot of time playing and hugging/loving on both of them. I think right now its just the weather and I don’t feel well, the wifey doesn’t feel well and the animals know it.

1-3 inches…I think NOT!!

So we all knew there was going to be some snow falling followed by sleet followed by freezing rain followed by rain. Okay so what the meteorologists predicted was 1-3 inches of snow after 1am and then sleet turning into freezing rain before turning into all rain. Okay well after getting 18+ inches last month no one really worried about 1-3 inches…what a wonderful little surprise we had this morning when we woke up to 5 inches this morning and it was still falling so now it is 9am and we have around 9 inches on the ground and it is still falling…. NOT what anyone was expecting including the meteorologists who are now scrambling to try and fix their predictions for the rest of the day. Oh and by the way in case anyone is wondering the snow started at about 10:30pm last night not 1am…


So thankfully I have no where to be but inside today my medical appointments are later in the week so I am going to just enjoy being inside sipping on my hot coffee and enjoying the beautiful white blanket of snow. Probably snap a few pictures of it and watching Hulu or Netflix because isn’t that what you are supposed to do on a beautiful snowy day? Curl up with your favorite blanket, turn on a movie and drink a hot beverage of your choice? I mean I sure as heck am not going outside!! I am pretty sure I’m not allowed outside without adult supervision…

Windy City

So apparently there is a squall which is just a fancy word for LOTS OF LOUD WIND!!! I woke up this morning to branches and gumballs hitting the roof and window. I would blame my internal clock but this time it was Mother Nature that wanted me up at 7am. I’m so glad that Mother Nature and my Internal Clock were in cahoots! I got up and made my coffee and actually spent some time watching the wind blow the trees outside the window it was actually quite beautiful since I was inside and not outside being hit by the flying objects. Every so often there would be a quiet lull in the squall and I would sip my coffee and everything was at peace and Creme would decide to rub against my leg and MEOW just at that moment, like really cat?? Do you not understand everything else is at peace? Actually I think she does! I think she did it because she knew everything was at peace and it was her one chance to distract me from my liquid cup of gold.

I really do enjoy drinking my cup of coffee in the morning. There is something about holding that warm cup in your hands and sipping it softly that is magical. Since I get up before the wifey those are my quiet moments before I’m making her breakfast and packing her lunch. Those moments before the hustle of her day get going and then things slow down for the rest of my day. This week Mom had left me a couple of oranges so I had cut up and put a piece of orange in her tea infuser and she learned she really enjoys orange infused with her tea. So I told her we’ll have to buy more oranges so we can make that happen more often for her. For Christmas Mom and Dad bought her a glass tea cup with a built in-infuser which is really cool. The cup opens on both ends which I have gotten used to making sure that the bottom is closed tightly before pouring boiling water in the cup. But I think it’s pretty awesome you can infuses your tea. Wifey prefers the glass tea cups and over the summer the ones she had been using broke which was very sad, so she was very happy to get a new one for Christmas.

Which brings us to how could I ever marry a tea drinker?? I know I know, but she couldn’t be perfect? I mean there had to be one tiny fault with her and I can live with that she is a tea drinker, we can’t all be coffee drinkers! She’s perfect for me in every other way so that makes up for it!

They are saying we might get more snow, I have to say I’m kind of over the whole snow thing, we got a nice snowfall now let’s move on to spring! I’m good with that! I want warmer weather, my knees have been hurting a lot more and I think its probably due to the colder temperatures. So squalls, flying gumballs, cold temperatures and snow you can go. BYE!!!

Too blessed to be stressed

So in case you haven’t heard Virginia is closed..seriously..okay maybe I’m being a bit over-dramatic again. Certain areas of Virginia, Maryland and DC are being dumped on with 1-2 feet of snow and everyone is losing their minds because this is unheard of for this area of the country. So other parts of the country like say Iowa are laughing. I know I have family there. Actually my cousin was teasing me slightly because that’s what family does about how everyone in Virginia sees a snowflake and flips out, but there is truth to the statement. People see a single snowflake and they forget how to drive, they buy all the milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper in all the local stores and we get round the clock news coverage on the single snowflake. We hear from dozens of people on the street about how the single snowflake affected their commute, how they are preparing for the single snowflake, etc. What do to if the power goes out due to the single snowflake, etc.

Right now I am guessing there is about a foot of snow on the ground here, it’s hard to tell because we got sleet last night for a couple of hours and with my knee I am not going outside with a ruler to measure. Normally I would because I would be curious to see, but with the high winds, and snow I probably would break something and my wife isn’t here to save me. Which brings me to the whole point of today’s entry too blessed to be stressed.

My wife had to work yesterday so Wednesday night she packed her bag and then she packed gluten free food to take with her to her brother’s house. Her brother lives a few minutes from where she works and he and his partner offer her a place to crash when bad weather hits. We are grateful that she can crash at his house. The other option is her work gets hotel rooms for the employees. Of course crashing with her brother and brother in law means that she gets to play video games, hang out and other shenanigans that usually make me laugh and shake my head. Family is family right? So yesterday her job closed early due to the storm and she was trying to decide if she could safely make it home. I told her to be safe because that’s what matters most to me. Sure I would rather be snowed in with my wife than be snowed in alone, but I also know how dangerous it can be driving that drive in the snow, I’ve done it before. So she had to get her stuff first and when she was headed over there she heard there was a bad accident that was blocking the main road she was going to have to travel on, so she decided to stay put. I think she made a good decision.

Sometimes we have to choose safety over what the heart wants which was she wanted to be curled up on the sofa next to me. However we are too blessed to be stressed because she was safe and sound at her brother’s house and I didn’t have to worry about her getting into an accident. Once the roads clear she’ll come home. She is having an awesome time hanging out with the boys and playing video games. The animals miss her and I keep posting periodic pictures for her so she can see the snow levels. I’ve learned an attitude of gratitude will get you much farther in life than dwelling on everything that sucks.

Snow in the South

The south is not accustomed do getting large quantities of snow, so to hear that we may get 2+ FEET of snow everyone is in PANIC mode. The snow has officially started and everyone is frozen in fear. Okay now I’m just being melodramatic for the fun. I am ready for the snow, it’s pretty to watch out of the window. I have been taking pictures of it every hour. Depending on which meteorologist you listen to depends on how much snow I should be receiving. I’ll believe it when the storm is over. They all seem to add a few inches for good measure when it comes to snow!

My one hope is that we don’t lose power. I can deal with not being able to leave the house as long as I have heat. I did fill the bathtub with water just in case. Of course this means the cat has been meowing at her reflection which has been causing me to giggle! She’s a nutty one!

I was thinking of different things to get ready prior to the storm, making sure I had some canned soup in case we lost power so I would have something to eat, bottled water, made sure we had food for both pets, made sure we had medications and all that good stuff. I am not a newbie when it comes to snow storms. I plan on taking pictures and binge watching Netflix. The best place to be is inside safe and warm.

I did charge my battery, and then I charged my charger to make sure that if we lose power I can charge my stimulator again. With the cold wet weather I have been hurting a LOT more. My hardware in my back hurts, my scars itch and I am just exhausted. I am about ready to give up. I hope we don’t get too many of these storms because my body just can’t handle it.

So much has changed and I am going to be getting more films to see hopefully what is going on and getting some answers very soon. I am going to get my knees looked at and get some direction on where I need to go there. I am working on getting this body pieced back together bit by bit. I think I need to write a song or two haha Actually I need to work on more material for my non-existent comedy routine.