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I love imaging

So when you get your spine pulled apart and pushed back together you get used to getting images done. I’m getting quite a collection of low back x-rays, actually I think all the x-ray technicians know me by name now. Last time I had to go get x-rays I saw one of the pre-operation nurses who I tease about that “You’re NOT my friend.” Now understand that this is said very tongue and cheek because Chris the first time I met him made me cry, he was trying to draw blood from me and when he finally got it from my wrist (which is very painful fyi) I cried. So the next time I saw him I told him he wasn’t my friend anymore, so I saw him teased him gave him a high five and told him how I almost died in October. He was very glad to see that I am still standing.

I am very glad to report that so far I have no had anyone who was upset to see me still standing. I’m not sure what I would do if I came across someone who said “Man I wish the blood clot had won!” I probably would kick them in the nuts. Wait, why did I just assume they were male….hmmm maybe because a female would have a better filter and say it behind my back! HAHAHA

So today I told the spine doc’s PA that I am getting tingling in my arms and hands and so the spine doc is ordering a full spine CT scan. So I can add that to the list so I have a low spine MRI, plus more x-rays than I can count, oh yeah he wants repeat x-rays too! (Still watching the bone not growing). So we get to do a spine CT in January with those x-rays. YAY!

One day I am going to print out all my imagining just so I can make a life size imagine of myself with my images, I’m pretty sure I could do it too! It was a good day today, I’m tired and ready for bed, trying to decide if I go to bed, or wait up for the wifey who is finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping. I can’t believe Christmas is 3 days away! Where did all the time go? 2016 will be here soon and we can put 2015 to bed with all those other years. We’ll say nighty night and all that good stuff, kiss someone when the ball drops and scream HAPPY NEW YEAR and make a bunch of noise! Then we’ll all look at each other and go okay back to the gym to lose all this weight work really hard for a few weeks until we forget again and fall back into old habits. Actually this year I have lost 50lbs and I’m happy. I was hoping to lose more than that but there was that little blood clot and it slowed me down a bit, but slow and steady wins the race and when you think about that there is 52 weeks in the year and I lost 50lbs that means I lost about 1lb a week, that’s not bad at all!

Not another HoHo

Maybe another Twinkie?? Actually never been a big fan of Twinkies and that was even before they disappeared and made their comeback. So one of the thing overweight chronic pain patients hear over and over again is if you lose weight you will solve a lot of your problems. I actually had a doctor tell me in the very beginning before my first spinal surgery well if I was your doctor I would never do surgery on you because you are too overweight…umm thanks for your unsolicited opinion. I know I am overweight I can see it, I’m not blind. For me a lot of it was a combination of emotional eating and then being hurt and being less active didn’t help and before I knew it I was almost 400lbs. Yup, I know.

So I found this amazing food plan called Full Plate via my Mom and I have been really successful using it. I have been so successful using it that they actually did a blog post about my success that you can read¬†here. That was posted in August and right now I’ve actually lost about 82lbs. I’ve lost about 50lbs this year alone, which I was hoping to have lost a bit more than that this year, but this saddle pulmonary embolism has slowed my roll down.

So I’ve been working on eating better and I’ve lost a small human at this point and my health has gotten worse not better…umm what??!!! Is this just more evidence that my body really just hates me? Or is this just punishment that 2013 was a really crappy year and I made bad choices and I let my weight get out of control and I have to continue to pay for those consequences? Maybe its a combination of all of the above? As winter may or may not get here, it has been unseasonably warm which because I have severe arthritis in both knees I’m not really upset about it, I know my knees are going to be cracking more, because they are already cracking. My ankle is cracking. I see my pain management doctor on Tuesday about my knees and now my ankle.

I know that I do feel better with the 80lbs gone don’t get me wrong. I do however think its funny (not in the haha sense, but you get my drift) that my health problems are a lot worse, I mean I almost died! When I dropped 80lbs and I’ve done it since March 2014 so this isn’t like I did it over a short period of time, I’ve done it slow and steady like you are supposed to. I do really like this plan I am on, I do encourage anyone who is having trouble with their weight to look at it because in my opinion its easy to follow. I can eat whatever I want, even on the coumadin I have been able to continue following the program, I’ve had to tweak what I eat, but I’m still on it, still losing weight. You can customize it to fit any dietary needs you may have which I love and the possibilities are endless PLUS NOTHING is forbidden! I hate when they say you have to give up this or that, or this food is bad for you, I can’t find success when you tell me don’t eat carbs, or don’t eat diary or blah blah blah because what do I start craving? Whatever you just told me NOT to eat! So if you want more information on Full Plate please visit their website¬†here.

Ringless AND Married

Don’t let the lack of ring on my left hand fool you, I am HAPPILY married. If you ask why I am currently ringless I will happily tell you why, I have lost about 82lbs since we got married in 2013 and my wedding ring does not fit, in fact about a week and a half ago I went into my purse to pull something out and it slipped off my finger into my purse. I realized that my ring size which we knew is now 2 sizes smaller combined with the colder temperatures made for a situation where my ring could easily fall off my finger. I chose to leave my wedding ring in my purse until we got home to put it safely in my jewelry box.

Now about 2 weeks ago, maybe even 3 weeks ago my wife and I went and had my finger sized because we knew this day was coming. My wife is actually planning on buying me a replacement wedding ring for Christmas (I know the secret is out, but this is the one gift I asked for because I knew I needed a new one). So yes sir who is hitting on me in the grocery store I am happily married and oh by the way to a woman… SURPRISE!

I was riding on an electric shopping cart because of my back and I was with my Mom, and I did get hit on. This gentleman was teasing me because he and I kept crossing paths, and he noticed I did not have a ring on my finger and he asked what I was doing next. I laughed and said I was going home to cook my wife dinner, boy was he surprised! I of course smiled sweetly, I mean gotta let the guy down gently and all.

You might be surprised how many times I get asked if I am happily married, as if the fact that I am married is not enough to get a guy to back down. So of course I answer yes and I say very happily married to my wife, and sometimes they back of and sometimes they don’t just depends on the guy.

Swimming in my shirt….

So in the last year I’ve lost 53.8lbs. I’ve been working very hard at losing weight and keeping it off. So this morning I put on this blue shirt that my Mom bought me as a birthday shirt, the problem with said shirt is that it’s now about 3 sizes too big for me. So I said to Mom that I am swimming in my shirt, she laughed and told me she agreed. But I LOVE MY SHIRT!! I know it’s just a shirt, but it’s PRETTY! I should put it in the pile for giveaway send it to a new home, and release it into the universe for a new woman to enjoy. Maybe after it goes in the washer I will release it because after looking at myself in the mirror today I realized that I really need to put it in the donation pile. It’s a beautiful shirt, but it’s time in my collection is over.

I went to the back surgeon today and my x-rays looked good. I went to the clinic and got my blood tested and my INR was still within level at 2.0 but just barely. So I got some work there, but I got this.

One more doctor visit to go this week. I have just the clinic visit next week so far, not sure what I am going to do with myself when I don’t have a doctor’s appt, I mean it seems like I’ve been seeing 2 doctors a week since I’ve gotten out of the hospital.

I’m also going to start working on that comedy routine, one day I’ll perform!